When was the Last Time Did You Eat Right?

If you took too long to answer this, you are probably not taking your health seriously. This attitude has been same with a majority of millennials in the country. To overcome this hurdle, FSSAI initiated Eat Right Initiative last year with an aim to aware the masses to eat right. The movement did empower consumers to choose the products wisely and be healthy.

This time yet again the CEO of FSSAI Mr. Pawan Agarwal has taken one step forward with Eat Right Bollywood to address the consumers at an event. The CEO was invited today at launch of ITC-FSAN (International Training Centre Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) event in Mumbai. He has researched that the celebrities influence consumer choices and 90% of unhealthy food is endorsed by them.

He believes that after the successful Eat Right Movement for schools and colleges, it should be taken to Bollywood. FSSAI has reached out to celebrities to sensitize them regarding influencing people on making healthy choices as consumer choices have been majorly influenced by celebrity endorsements.

Famous Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar was also invited to the event and she said, “The consumers believe in everything we say and I completely agree with you and would always stand by eating right and live right.” Present at the event, FDA Commissioner of Maharashtra, Pallavi Darade exclaimed, “Children have become very intelligent these days and make smart choices and this alliance not only will influence children but masses to make healthier choices instead of demanding unhealthy food.”

The CEO added, “FSSAI has been enforcing several measures in the form of regulations and drafts to elevate Food Standards in the country. It has been planning to eradicate issues like adulteration, trans-fats, obesity and cardiovascular diseases which have been increasing by and large. We are sure that these initiatives will play an incredible role in overshadowing these adversities and together we will make India a safer and healthier place.”

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