WhatsApp Updates : FSSAI Notifications that made the News this week!

We are back with some fresh FSSAI Notifications! The last week brought in some new updates which we are sure might help your business in one way or the other. If you are a simple person who loves food, well, bingo! Some more safety on its way to you!

Let’s not waste any more of your time. Take a look at them –

1. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a gazette notification that will standardise fish and fish products, including frozen fish, canned fish and smoked fish products.

The new notification is called the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Eleventh Amendment Regulations, 2017. The notification also mentions the conditions for the freezing process, requirements, potential contaminants, as well as regulations on such products as ready-to-eat fish or shellfish curry, etc.

2. FSSAI has specified new standards for instant noodles, durum wheat maida, quinoa and pearl millet flour with a view to regulating these products for their safety and quality.

The new standards are an addition to the pre-existing standards of cereal and cereal products category. These regulations are called the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Twelfth Amendment Regulations, 2017. It states the processing requirements, the addition of certain ingredients and other lines of operation. The limits for moisture content, ash and acid value are well-defined in the notification.

3. Biscuits from several top companies are found to have high sugar and fat content, contrary to that mentioned on the label. This has resulted in the need to set standards, both in the case of Nutritional Labelling and Label validation.

Research conducted by Indian Consumer Rights organisation, the Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC), the biscuits of several top food brands are found to contain sugar and fats beyond the permissible limits. In this survey, the actual content versus the label-mentioned content of both sugar and fat is mentioned, highlighting the loophole in Nutritional testing and Label Validation of these companies.

4. FSSAI has issued the Gazette Notification on the Standards for Caffeinated Beverages and the use of blue tint in plastic containers for five litres and above. This also mentions the limits for ingredients like Taurine, Inositol, Pantothenic Acid, etc.

The new gazette mentions the standards for caffeinated beverages, where the amount of caffeine should not be less than 145 mg per litre and not more than 300 mg per litre and in the case of other ingredients used, like Taurine, Inositol and more. Any other ingredient used should be subjected to safety assessments and validated scientifically.
Another mention is that of the blue tint used in plastic containers, which should be for a volume of five litres or more, as per IS: 9833 and IS: 9845.

5. Equinox Consulting inaugurates Equinox Training Center (ETC) in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. This facility is a dedicated premise for several safety and compliance pieces of training, predominantly FoSTaC programme – an initiative by FSSAI.

The facility will be a dedicated premise for conducting, predominantly, FoSTaC Training sessions which will help spread uniformed awareness about the Importance of Good Hygiene / Manufacturing Practices, FSSAI Rules and Regulations, Compliance, Documentation, International Standards and more. The inauguration ceremony was conducted in the presence of Honourable Mr. P. Muthumaran – Director (WR) – FSSAI. He spent his valuable time at the new facility and spoke on the importance of training, the benefits that will shortly show and the value that the new facility will add to the overall FoSTaC Training programme.

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