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FSSAI always has something new every week for its Food Business brethren. This past week has been particularly interesting for all (well, most!) food operators. Take a look at the new notifications that have come to surface this last week!

1. FSSAI has released a latest Food Safety Regulation Draft for food product’s packaging, standardizing the use of packaging materials like glass, paper and printing inks across the entire packaging and supply chain.
Not just that, but regulations are also been standardized with respect to the kind of food products in question – milk and dairy products, sweets and confectionery, sweetening agents, beverages, etc.
There are general requirements as follows –
• Any material used for packaging, preparation, storing, wrapping, transportation and sale or service of food shall be of food-grade quality
• Printing inks for use on food packages shall conform to IS: 15495
• The printed surface of the packaging material shall not come into direct contact with the food products
• Newspaper, or any such material, shall not be used for storing and wrapping of food
• Tin containers once used shall not be reused for the packaging of food
• Food products shall be packed in clean, hygienic and tamper-proof bottles or containers
This regulation also states the migration limit for plastic materials.
2. The latest amendment from FSSAI states the ban/discontinuation of the use of stapled bags from the coming year. This has come to light with respect to the safety practices for the consumers.
This includes the discontinuation of manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale and import of stapled tea bags by 1st January, 2018. However, to allow Tea Manufacturers to comply with this with a change in their operational line, the time period for implementation of this order is extended until 30th June 2019.
3. As a major and an innovative step towards safeguarding health and food integrity, FSSAI has now released a unified regulation on ‘Organic Foods’ with a new logo, representing authenticity and trust.
This new change is initiated in the ‘spirit of one Nation, one Food Law’. The new symbol represents the whole new regulation dedicated especially to organic foods. FSSAI is mandated to regulate organic food in the country under the provisions of Section 22 of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. This new logo will differentiate the organic foods from the no-organic ones, which also has the tagline ‘Jaivik Bharat’ at the bottom. It will come into effect once it is notified in the Gazette.
4. Fortification of Edible (vegetable) oil with Vitamin A and D has now been ordered. This regulation has been further operationalized with revised milk standards as well. Also, the time period for the label discrepancies is extended.
Fortification of vegetable oil will achieve far-fetched reach. The label discrepancies of the Industries involved in fortification as of now shall be exempted until a set period of time.
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