What we know about FSSAI’s Food Safety Display Boards?

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) puts in a lot of thought into the drafting and bringing into the picture the Gazettes which aim to reform our Food Industry towards providing healthy and safe products to the consumers.

To brief the turning point in food safety last year, FSSAI did come up with a brilliant strategy in August 2016, commemorating its decade of existence.┬áSince then, FSSAI did bring about revolutionary changes by implementing many changes and additions in the regulations. Standardization of Camel Milk for trade, removal of zinc from the list of Toxins, standardization of food products with high salt, sugar, and Fats, regulations for e-commerce websites – these have carefully stepped up the much-needed food safety awareness.

Food Safety Display Boards – how many of you’ll know about them? You might have seen the FSSAI License number whenever you must have visited any food premise?

Or maybe not! This is due to the Food Business Owners may or may not ‘CLEARLY’ display the license number in the premise. It might be hung up on the wall somewhere, but the proof of safety should be visible to people.

Hence, Food Safety Display Boards.

Now, what is a Food Safety Display Board?

Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs) are basic information providers that came into practice replacing the previous requirements which mandate the display of FSSAI Registration/license that is not clearly visible to the consumers.

What are the features of Food Safety Display Boards?

1. FSSAI License/Registration No.

2. Important Food Safety and Hygiene Practices

3. Consumer Feedback Details

Where are these Food Safety Display Boards placed?

These FSDBs are introduced at various food units which interact with consumers directly like retail stores, milk and dairy units, restaurants and cafes, vegetable and fruits retail shops, street food hawkers, meat sellers, etc.

Important points to be considered?

1. There are 6 FSDBs in the picture – For Meat shops, Milk units, Restaurants, Retails shops, Fruits and Vegetables’ retail units and Street Food.

2. The FSDBs displayed should be pertaining to the type of business involved.

3. The size of the FSDB should be A4 for FSSAI Registered Food Business and A3 for FSSAI Licensed Food Business.

4. One has to display a minimum of one FSDB in the premise. You can display more than one, should the place be big and one board isn’t visible to all from a certain place.

5. Make sure the content or the design on the FSDB does not get blurred over time. The material used to print one should be of a durable material.

6. Follow the diagram below for the use of FSDB


(Source – FSSAI Concept Note)

The uses?

FSDBs are brought into the regulation citing the need to improve the perception of the consumers towards FSSAI License/Registration and the organization.

These FSDBs will not only help the consumers with the FSSAI License of the place or product but will also guide the customers and the food handlers about the food safety hygiene practices that will help both the ends of the food industry help improve the overall standard of the food industry. The feedback numbers provided at the bottom will help FSSAI gain insights about the ongoing food safety practices and help improvise.

That is an important feature of FSDB. You can provide your feedback on the number provided below each Food Safety Display Board through WhatsApp, SMS or feedback through the FSSAI App. The feedbacks will be processed by the apex body to help implement compliance within the system. These feedbacks will be shared with the FBOs as well.

You can download the Open Files by visiting the Website Here.

Source – FSSAI Website.

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