Understanding the 3 New FSSAI Updates that came in the Past Week!

Okay, first thing first – A Very Happy New Year to You! New Year, new goals and here we are with the brand new 3 FSSAI Updates (that came in the last week of the last year, but nonetheless!) that has welcomed you in 2018. Take a look?

1. FSSAI has asked all the Food Companies to re-validate their product approvals to comply with current regulations.

The year has started with FSSAI asking all the Food Businesses and companies to re-validate the product approvals. Up until 2015, NOCs/product approvals were granted to new food products; however, FSSAI has initiated inclusion of several new additives, ingredients and process aids in the regulations itself.
Over the last two years, several changes (read modifications and additions) have been made to the regulations; hence, FSSAI has now asked the companies to re-check and analyse if their products comply with the ones mentioned in the standards. Those products which cannot be categorised under the food types (botanicals, food supplements, prebiotics, nutraceuticals, etc) need revalidation and the time period allotted for the same is 30 days.

2. Government to now step up and pay a consumer for the Tests, if the food product is found to be adulterated.

In a very interesting way to encourage people to test for adulteration themselves, Government has now stated that if the questionable product is found adulterated, the former shall pay for the tests. This comes after FSSAI has released DART (Detect Adulteration and Rapid Test) – An extensive document that explains how to identify adulteration at home by a common man.
Considering it to be time and money consuming, with no idea about the testing process, people refrain from getting food tested. This initiative is to micromanage and understand the levels of food safety.

3. To maintain uniformity in the ‘Health claims’, FSSAI has released the proven benefits of the Microvitamins.

Different FBOs claim different health benefits of a range of micro vitamins, born out of a pure absence of information. This results in confusion amongst consumers and creates hurdles in ‘informed Purchase’ of any product. Hence, FSSAI has released a document, highlighting the health claims of each micro vitamin for uniformed claims across food businesses.
Like, Vitamin A – Helps against Night Blindness
Vitamin B12 – Important for normal functioning of nervous system and blood formation

Small improvisations in the food standards lead to a major change which ultimately benefits the Food Businesses and Consumers. It is always important for all food businesses to stay up-to-date with the upcoming and latest FSSAI Updates and notifications.

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