Transforming the Guest Experience for a Post Pandemic World

It is obvious that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the hotel industry will have to adopt a new operating model to ensure business continuity. People are hyper-conscious when it comes to safety and hygiene and will demand safe accommodation. Therefore, establishments will have to assuage the fear in the minds of the guests by providing a completely secure environment for both the guests and employees. Covid-19 has forced businesses to come together and rethink the precautionary and recovery measures. Guest safety is imperative, hence hygiene will be the top concern. Post pandemic, we’ll see a remodeling of hotel operations that could alter everything from how guests check in to the customary cleaning process and standards. You’ll notice keyless and contactless check-in and check out systems as guests will prefer that. To ensure less communal access, the breakfast buffets, minibars, collective access to spas, and swimming pools will be suspended for the foreseeable future. Dining rooms will be designed to maintain physical distancing and proper spacing at front desks, in elevator lobbies, cafes, entertainment venues, and more will be practiced.

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There are new industry-defining cleanliness and sanitization protocols set by the regulatory bodies for bolstering the safety standards to signal the guests that their health is a priority and they’re safe to stay in. Masks and gloves for staff will be ubiquitous in hotels and thermal checkups will become a norm. The use of hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes will be the latest additions to the public spaces and in personal care amenity kits. The hotel staff and employees will be meticulously trained. You’ll also find outlining policies, specific to suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 on site. If such cases arise, then intensive disinfection measures will be required. Accommodation establishments will see a shift from being ‘aesthetically clean’ to ‘clinically clean’ as the awareness towards health and hygiene has increased manifold. To prepare and implement new safety measures, hotels will have to team up with hygiene and health groups. Hotels will be collaborating more closely with solution providers such as third-party auditing partners to elevate their safety standards. This pandemic will change the whole concept of servicing the guests, bringing in a complete operational overhaul. To support the development of enhanced health and safety measures and its correct implementation, hotels and accommodation establishments will need to go through regular audit checks. Hence, Safe Place to Stay is an initiative by Equinox Labs, focused on enhancing the hotel cleaning practices and its hygiene standards to meet the new health and safety guidelines. This initiative is designed to assist accommodation establishments with the changing industry norms, behaviors, and guidelines to ensure both guest and employee safety. With a set of expert-curated safety standards, accommodation establishments are audited based on their level of compliance and then awarded with a ‘Safe Place to Stay’ certification, which is recognized nationwide. This crisis will pass but not without leaving a deep impact on the hotel industry. Rebuilding consumer confidence will be key to recover and restart the business. Best safety and hygiene practices, minimal contact, and elevating customer confidence are the key requirements for the hotel industry in and post-pandemic-era to guarantee that you’re a safe place to stay.
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