They are selling water for Rs 5000/ Litre!

No no, we aren’t joking. Seriously, we are honest about this one! This news flashed, just around 100 years from now. Our grand kids and their kids have read this news. Their reaction? They are cursing us! Calling us names because we didn’t care much for water.

You might call this a joke, or a prank. But this will soon be a reality for our future generations to come. For some drought-hit areas, this has become the present. People in the interiors of Maharashtra have to pay a lump sum amount to get few litres of water for their family, cattle and farms. All because we did not care much for water over the years.

Thinking all this is just a hype? Let’s give you some numbers!

Out of the 4000 BCM (Billion Cubic Metre) of annual precipitation in India, only 1123 BCM of water resources are utilizable. The rest is wasted in run offs. (Central Water Commission) Out of this small number, which needs to quench the thirst of 1.252 billion people, large amount is wasted due to our careless attitude. This water crisis has caused

– 800 million people to drink water without treating,

– 770 million people who don’t have access to drinking water around their houses

– Spread of 21% of communicable diseases due to impure water

73 million working days lost annually due to water diseases.

(Statistics source- Wash for India)

Deteriorating Water QualitY

India comprises almost 18% of world’s population while only 4% of water is available for use. This number might ring some bells! Alarming bells!

As a report by the Arab Water Source Organisation, every faucet that drips once per second, wastes 27,000 gallons of water.

Yes, you need to rush to close that leaking faucet in your washroom.

These numbers are increasing, and not in a good way. The current status may one day lead to the birth of Marxism’s theory of Haves’ and Have Nots’ – Those that can afford water will keep wasting and those without the access will die, while simply trying to get the most basic necessity.

This will be the future of your kids and their kids. This Sunday, 5th June 2016, is World Environment Day. However, Equinox Labs thinks of celebrating Environment Weekend! This is the time to put forward your efforts. Fret not! It’s not huge. Just do your duty.

– Repair the leaking faucets in your house and save gallons

– Use water prudentially

– Reuse water wherever possible, eg flushing purpose in lavatories, gardening, etc

– Do not pollute water

We are sure you have come up with some water saving ideas of your own. Use them. And spread the awareness. Its time to act.

Protect Water-Protect Environment

Its time to Go Wild for Life.

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