The importance of Food Safety Audits during COVID-19

The current crisis has affected people and businesses around the globe. Maintaining and building customer relationships has now become more than important to sustain businesses in the post pandemic business environment. All through the pandemic, the audit specifiers have witnessed various phases from ‘wait and see’ to ‘all or nothing’ mentality due to on-site audits being the only way to assess a supplier properly, however they have finally moved on to virtual or remote audits adapting to the ‘new reality’. 

Now that consumers are staying at home and are more aware of the foods they eat and where it comes from, the spotlight is on the food manufacturers and food safety. Consumers are more vocal about their concerns related to food safety and hygiene. Third-party or second-party audit helps food manufacturers to provide visibility into their food safety management system and allows auditors to continue measuring and tracking their safety performance. 

Audits are extremely important in maintaining food safety standards and certification. They offer transparency and assurance that the required standards are followed and adhered to when it comes to safety. Audits basically are independent, objective assessments of the food safety and quality management system and its implementation within the day-to-day operations to improve the site’s food safety culture. 

A third-party Food Safety Audit provide a credible, unbiased inspection and verification of the system to ensure that the food safety programs are followed esure safe products. To maintain the regulatory benchmarked standards demonstrates your brand’s commitment to food safety, quality, and the need for continual improvement. 

The demand for food products is higher during the pandemic and this can lead to food fraud. This also increases the pressure on the supply chain as there are increased opportunities for fraudulent activities. Food Safety Audits can also help in crisis management and food fraud due to the transparency that it offers by shining the light on the issues. An independent review in the current circumstances will be helpful for the food businesses to track the effectiveness of their risk management and food fraud prevention program.

The food industry has made significant investments of time and money into maintaining their food safety management systems and certifications. And this pandemic shouldn’t stop the industry to continue to protect these investments. Remote Auditing builds confidence and trust among your customer base during the time of crisis. 

Food Safety Audits focus on controlling the food safety hazards by helping to maintain safety and hygiene. With the disruption caused to the food industry due to COVID-19, the food safety plans will need to change and evolve. Having a strong food management systems such as Hygiene Quotient shows your customers and your staff that following best practices leads to safer products for consumers. Hygiene Quotient is an app-based service to help build a safer space by monitoring your site’s daily safety and hygiene compliance through technology and innovation. Considering a third party safety audit is critical for building customer confidence and maintaining brand integrity in the market. 

Go an extra mile to ensure the safety and resiliency of your food business! Contact us to learn how Equinox Labs can help with regard to food safety audits. 

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