Tanker water supply in Kochi comes under the scanner

With the consumption of water supplied through tanker lorries touching new heights, the district Food Safety officials have collected over 20 samples to ensure quality.

The samples collected from tankers on their way to supply points have been given to the Regional Analytical Laboratory at Kakkanad for bacteriological and chemical analysis.

Concerns aplenty

The move comes in the wake of apprehensions expressed over the quality of water supplied through tankers. “The tests are likely to reveal whether the samples contain harmful metals. The results are expected in a day or two.

Substandard Quality?

Tanker water Quality Check on the rise-Equinox Labs

“If the water is found substandard then the parties concerned would be asked to take remedial measures before tapping that source again. We will continue the exercise throughout the summer,” Shibu K.V., Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety, Ernakulam, told The Hindu .


Tankers are authorised to collect water only from sources certified by the Food Safety Department. However, certification is granted on the online submission of ID proof and photograph of the owner of the source, and does not involves inspection of the quality. Food Safety officials said they certified wells and admitted that the natural contamination of water specific to the source was to be expected.

To overcome the problem, the Department convenes meetings of residents’ associations from time to time and urges them to properly chlorinate the water before use. In a few instances, tankers licensed by the Food Safety Department for transportation were found to be collecting water from ponds. However, it emerged that it was meant for construction purposes.

We have told operators in no uncertain terms that tankers meant for drinking water supply should by no means be used for supplying for construction purposes. The vehicles would be seized if it is repeated,
                                                                                        -Mr. Shibu said.

The majority of the sources certified by the Food Safety Department are along the banks of the river Periyar, sources said. Though the quality could not be fully guaranteed, the supply from the outskirts could not be stopped abruptly since that would turn the city dry in no time, it is pointed out. Mr. Shibu said random checks were conducted frequently to ensure that the tankers used for distribution were in good condition.

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Source: The Hindu

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