SHRC demands report on Adulterated Packaged Food

Adulteration in simple words mean addition of food or non-food products to the actual product to increase the quantity, lowering the quality standards in the process. Such mixed goods when fail to meet the federal or authorized standard parameters, are called adulterated products.

Adulteration in Food-Equinox Labs

Adulteration in the country has become as common has pot holes on roads (nothing can explain it better than this). News pertaining to adulteration in pop up every other day in every other city. The latest city to fall prey to it is Kochi.

The Kerala State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) has demanded reports from the secretaries of local self-government and health departments as well as the food safety commissioner on issuing licences to adulterated products. KSHRC chairperson Justice J B Koshy has asked them to submit an explanation before March 10th.

Adulterated products sold as branded ones

The commission sought the report at its sitting in Kochi on Monday on corporation councillor Thampi Subramanian’s complaint that adulterated food products were being sold as branded ones in the open market. In his petition to the commission, he also demanded that licences be granted only to products inspected by food safety officials. The commission will hear the case at its sitting on March 23rd. Recently, the commission had sought a report from the civil supplies commissioner regarding canteens charging excessive rates for edible items in cinema theaters.

Food licences

Meanwhile, food safety commissioner T. V. Anupama said, “We give licences to traders based on infrastructure facilities such as buildings and details of food items they sell. We can’t take measures against them for excess rates charged in cinema canteens as the FSSA does not clearly specify it.”

It becomes a question one needs to ponder upon- If even the most basic and common products are adulterated, what are we exactly consuming, nutrients or dust?

Adulteration causes loss of food quality-Equinox Labs

Source: The Times of India

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