Shocking! New Twist to Food Safety Solutions by FSSAI this last week!

This is not a drill. We Repeat. This. Is. Not. A. Drill. FSSAI has issued some shocking Food Safety Solutions that might be the game changers, not just for the Food Industry, but also for the health and safety of all the people.

Without wasting much time, let’s get straight to the new Food Safety solutions that will create a positive impact on your Food Business and your Health!

Food Safety News 1: Rajkummar Rao, has joined FSSAI’s campaign, titled ‘Eat Right Movement – Aaj se Thoda Kam’.

With the powerful influence of the actor’s work, this seems the perfect collaboration between FSSAI and Rajkummar Rao. With over 60% of diseases being non-communicable in nature and more than 85% of people dying each year due to them, it is time we imbibe nutrition and wellness in our lifestyle. The campaign is aimed at reducing the intake of Sugars, Fats and Salt – the products containing these in high numbers, called Junk Food.

It consists of prominent bifurcations – Eat Safe talks about eating hygienic food, from its procurement to its disposal. Eat Healthy is making wise and nutritive food choices.

Food Businesses need to take special care, ensuring their products adhere to the campaign’s slogan #AajSeThodaKam while processing / manufacturing their products.

Food Safety News 2: Food Manufacturers and Packagers will soon have to follow the ‘Traffic Lights’ policy by the FSSAI for their Food Safety


If you think we are referring to the road safety, well, yes that too! But soon the same shall be implemented in the Food industry as well. We were among the first to inform you that schools and colleges menu shall carry colour-coded items – the same rule shall now be implemented across all the Food Manufacturers in India. Front-end packaging is extremely crucial; people need to be made aware of the importance of nutrients and most important, how to make the right choices based on it.

According to this act, the number of nutrients will be mentioned on the front of the packet rather than its back. Manufacturing companies in the packaged foods business will have to write the quantity of sugar, fat and salt on the packet.

Food Safety News 3: Using a blend of edible oil in your product? You will have to show that on the package!


If your product contains a blend of edible oils in varied amount, it is time you show it on the label. With the mention of HFSS content, FSSAI has now proposed the mention of all the different types of oils used in the product in the percentage format on the package. Standard font and display sizes are now made available and food businesses are expected to comply with the order as soon as possible.

The aim of this move is to make aware and educate the consumers on the presence and the effects each oil might have on their health and safety.

Food Safety News 4: Got used cooking oil lying around your unit? Bio-diesel might become cheaper for you!

Food Safety_Cooking oil for biodiesel

FSSAI has recently collaborated with the National Biodiesel Association with an objective to convert all the used cooking oil into eco-friendly bio-diesel. This can be a brilliant move, considering the ill-effects of consuming used cooking oil and the burden our traditional, polluting petroleum is pressing over the environment.

The Gandhian state of Gujarat has already begun the good deed with many states to follow suit. However, the stronger ecosystem needs to be built around the same for the effective process – from procurement of used oil to the supply of biodiesel.

Food Safety News 5: FSSAI has identified the presence of formalin in fish and counteracting measures is on its way!

Formalin in Fish_Food Safety

In the recent tests and findings, FSSAI had discovered the presence of large quantities of toxic chemical formalin in fish from the state of Kerala. While this has hampered the seafood business largely, the health of the consumers and questions on food safety have risen again. In this light, FSSAI has now released spot testing kits for fish to identify any harmful presence immediately.

Mr. Ashwin Bhadri adds, ‘In the last few years, while food safety is achieving new heights, adulteration, food scams and poor quality of food has risen equally. Spot Test kits are a great way to save time and detect abnormalities in the product’s nutritional value or contamination, thereby enable food safety. More such test kits should be made available in every prominent food site, for every food type.’

What do you guys have to say about the 5 twists that came in? Shocked like we were? Or, already on your way to enable compliance measures at your unit?

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We will see you next week, same time, with new FSSAI news that can soar the heat this monsoon!

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