September 30 Last date to declare Fat content on Product Label – FSSAI

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In the recent turn of events, FSSAI has further extended the last date for all the FBOs to declare the Fat’s content on the labels of their products – September 30, 2017. This notification has come after the stakeholders and FBOs unanimously requested to extend the compliance period to liquidate their existing inventory/stock and/or the products which are recently launched.


It states that every FBO should declare three contents about the product (if their product has fats in it) on it’s label –

1. Class Title
2. Trans Fat 
3. Saturated Fat

The notification came in a few months back, keeping in mind the harmful effects of various kinds of fats which are generally not mentioned on the products. While some of the fats are necessary for the adept growth of body and good health, certain other kinds of fats are harmful and lead to several disorders. These include coronary heart disorder, cardiac disorder, hormonal imbalance, cholesterol, high Blood Pressure, etc.

Several representatives of various FBOs asked back then to extend the last date. This was keeping in mind the stock and labels already in store or in the market. This would have caused a major recall of several products. Hence, the last date is now declared as September 30.

Mr. Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs, states that such a move by the FSSAI will be a great step in helping people make an ‘Informed Purchase Decision‘. “People should know what they are buying. Plus, this extension is a boon for FBOs and other stakeholders, likewise, since they will not undergo losses as far as business is concerned. This is a win-win situation for both.”

To declare the three contents or parameters as mentioned above on the label, it is important for any Food Business to first conduct a complete Fat’s Profiling of the product. Only after the Fat’s profiling is complete, can one estimate the sub-contents (class title, trans fat, saturated fats) present in the product.

FSSAI has clearly mentioned that such an extension is last of it’s kind for this notification. No extension shall be granted post-September 30, which means it is mandatory for every food business to get their products tested against the three parameters right away.

If found non-complying to the notification (absence of declaration on the label), strict action can be taken against the FBO in question. Hence, it is advisable to get your product tested right away to ensure your product stays compliant post the last date of extension.

Click on the link below to download the FSSAI Notification. 

Download the FSSAI Notification Document Here


For more details about the FSSAI Notification and how it will affect your business, you can contact Mr. Bhimkumar on +91-9619891283.

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