On National Youth Day, 2 Young Chefs share Take on Food & Dreams!

As a bearer of the torch, Swami Vivekananda was among the first of the youth, who highlighted the importance of young minds to the world. Contrary to the popular belief of age defies wisdom, Swami Vivekananda was an Indian Monk who, with his exhaustive knowledge and readings, influenced and inspired the minds, work and lives of countless people, thereafter. On his birth anniversary, we dedicate the National Youth Day celebrated as a token of giving an ode to this human being; with 2 young chefs, who like several like-minded people, have given their 210% to themselves become an inspiration themselves, we bring to you – Chef Saby and Chef Vinesh!

1. Chef Saby –

An accomplished Chef and having worked with several top restaurants and companies, owns a Culinary Institute. His entrepreneurship journey has been exciting, and he believes it is important to give back in whatever way possible to the society.

Chef-Sabys-Photo-National Youth Day“After a lot of deliberation, introspection, resistance, I finally plunged into what I never wanted to do: open a restaurant of my own. There was this excessive desire to leave behind a legacy, especially for my daughter, and that made me push myself towards entrepreneurship. As a part of the youth of India (or so I believe!) and as a contributor to the society that gave me everything – the National Tourism Award for Best Chef of India (from the President himself, no less!) – I believe, we have an immense potential to achieve what we desire. It’s only a matter of time and hard work that’s needed; everything falls in the place.
And if it doesn’t? Well, your youth isn’t to build everything and be successful at all times. Your youth should give you bruises, marks, failures and a fantastic retrospective to look at, for the rugged youth will speak on behalf of your successful life.” – Chef Saby, Owner – Olive Culinary Academy. Past experience – Successful Chef at Top Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes.

2. Chef Vinesh Johny –

Skills can be learned, but passion is born with you. Here comes Chef Vinesh Johny, whose excuse to close his school books developed into a lifelong career choice.
Vinesh-Johny-Photo---Quote“From shadowing my mother in making traditional family sweets during Christmas, my passion for pastry art was always directed towards a life devoted to it. After graduating from culinary school, I went on to work with The Oberoi Group of Hotels and Starwood Hotels & Resorts, in various capacities within the realm of Pastry. Every experience I have had during university, internships and my hotel days, through the people I have met and worked with has only helped in strengthening the bedrock of passion I have towards baking and pastry art. Right from the start of my career in pastry education, the feeling of contributing towards the world of baking and pastry has always captivated my mind.
As a youth in today’s times, the society is more accepting. The generation before us had limited options; now, anybody can be anything, if you have the passion and the will to do it.
It’s not every day that your life offers you a youth, where you have the power to make your dreams come true. Use it wisely. Don’t look or hear the people criticizing you or doubting your choices – keep going ahead.”
Never doubt your ability to make that change in and around you. It’s you and only you to do it. That too, in a brilliant fashion!
We thank the two chefs for sharing with us your valuable insights! Looking forward to a passion-infused year! Happy National Youth Day to everyone.
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