Need for Simplified Safety & Hygiene Tracking Solution

This pandemic of an unmatched and unimaginable scale has compelled all of us to evolve and adapt to the changing circumstances and new challenges. To prevent the spread of the infection, we have adopted ways, such as practicing high levels of hygiene and sanitation, reducing close contact and maintaining physical distance, being in isolation, and other innovative approaches. All of these new methods somehow has slowed down the rhythm of our lives. It has taught us how preparedness and being well-equipped for the future is extremely crucial, making it an integral part of our lifestyle. 

Establishments cannot afford to be sluggish and reactive in their approach towards business anymore, they must be proactive. They need to be at the top of their game to deal with the safety and hygiene compliance needs. They need a dynamic compliance framework that will give them operational peace of mind when it comes to adhering to safety and hygiene guidelines. 

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Ensuring safety and health of consumers and employees during these challenging times is vital for sustaining the business. The one challenge that establishments face is tracking their facility’s daily hygiene practices and maintaining compliance. Therefore, organizations with single or multiple sites or facilities need an easy-to-use and viable solution to help track their hygiene preparedness. Advanced technology plus artificial intelligence is revolutionizing businesses by enabling them to work smarter and faster and achieving more with significantly less. Technology-based solutions deliver more accurate, detailed, and meaningful business results, which helps in revamping and streamlining operations. 

In order to help organizations build safer and healthier spaces, Equinox Labs introduces Hygiene Quotient, a hygiene tracking solution to help businesses monitor and maintain their facility’s daily safety and hygiene compliance with the regulations. This app ensures that proper hygiene levels are met according to the set standards without affecting or hindering the operational efficacy. Hygiene Quotient is a user-friendly app with minimum intervention that collects real-time visual evidence of your site and delivers instant feedback plus metrics. 

Hygiene Quotient is a type of quality assurance testing that ensures all safety and hygiene related activities comply with the set standards. Facility safety and hygiene In the times of such crisis is paramount. Establishments need a compliance monitoring system that offers assurance that an organization is operating within the compliant framework. Hygiene Quotient helps businesses to identify faulty areas, any kind of inconsistencies or violations in their premises and help them improve their facility’s hygiene score. It conducts health and safety compliance on a day-to-day basis, gives you analytical data to check the hygiene performance so that you can make informed decisions. 

With Hygiene Quotient you can elevate the safety and hygiene standards across all your facilities. Constant manual monitoring beyond a point isn’t effective or scalable. You can ensure accuracy and reliability for the facility’s daily compliance requirements by simplifying the process. This app is designed to efficiently assess your facility’s readiness to tackle the health and safety requirements. It conducts health and safety compliance on a day-to-day basis, giving you analytical data to track hygiene performance in order to make informed decisions. 

A few important features of Hygiene Quotient are listed below:

This technology-driven app is evidence-based and user-friendly. It collects evidence from all the locations and gives you real-time feedback with daily metrics. It will help you maintain 360° safety assurance and boost customer trust. 

  • Real-Time Feedback

Using LiveView technology your on-ground team will receive real time feedback on the evidence they submit.

  • Live Metrics

As the on-ground team gets feedback, their business application too will get a live metric for every site – The Hygiene Quotient.

  • Easy to Use

Once logged in, get access to the checklist by a single click of button to submit the evidence.

  • Better Compliance

Hygiene Quotient will help in enforcing a higher degree of compliance.

We know that these new changes may appear to be daunting, however Hygiene Quotient is here to assist you with your daily hygiene monitoring needs and to bring your business back on track. This cost-effective app has the ability to help you find, predict, and fix the issues related to safety and hygiene of your site or facility and also streamline operational processes.

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