4 Major FSSAI News are Here that will benefit both FBOs and Consumers!

January 2018 has been revolutionary, in terms of FSSAI news that have made the headlines. With new and much-needed orders and amendments now slowly surfacing, the coming year will have some major compliance changes in Indian Food Industry.

This week we bring to you 4 major FSSAI news which we are sure, will benefit many Food Business Operators (FBOs) and consumers, alike. Take a look!

1. FSSAI has asked the stakeholders to comment on whether the current, mandatory BIS / AGMARK certifications for sale of certain food and beverages are necessary or not.

FSSAI News_BIS_AGMARK Certification

The sale of certain food and beverage products require the certification of BIS / AGMARK. This move highlights whether the need for these exists and whether these provisions benefit the consumers and the FBOs to continue. As of now, under BIS we have infant milk and food, cereal-based weaning food, etc., while AGMARK has tea, honeydew, ghee, etc.

2. A new regulation is in place which now standardizes the number of times edible oil can be reused, depending upon the Total Polar Compound (TPC).

FSSAI News_TPC_Reuse of Oil for Cooking

Previously, there existed general provisions for the reuse of edible oil for heating. Now, as per The Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) First Amendment Regulation, 2017, one can reuse the oil for frying until the TPC (Total Polar Compound) limit reaches 25%. TPC is considered as the accurate measure of estimating oil quality and standards for testing are now in place.

3. FSSAI has started Food Regulatory Portal – a comprehensive platform for all food businesses, that cater to both the domestic operations and food imports.

FSSAI News_Food Regulatory Portal

In a bid to make a simple, streamlined process for Food Business Operators and their businesses, Food Regulatory Portal is devised. With one nation, one law goal, the concept involves all the details and requirements a business needs – Food Standards, Food Imports, Safe Food Practices, Enforcement, Food Testing and Capacity Building. This move is made in alignment with the digitally growing nation. The portal supports several IT platforms at a single point to reduce the overall burden and help businesses stay compliant.

4. The use of Fortification Logo with stickers / stamping on the existing labels of vegetable oils fortified with Vit. A or D is now permitted until 30-June-2018.

Fortification of Oil

Several comments were received post the fortification and the labelling requirements arose. Hence, permission has been granted to use the stamp/stickers on the existing labels until the said duration, post which new labels will be brought into action.

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