5 Latest FSSAI News that will Make a Difference!

Now that’s what you call juicy titbits from the Food Regulator – FSSAI News this week has brought in, yet again, some very important notifications.

So if you are a food business operator, you might want to take a look at these notifications –

1. In the light of misusing several terms in the context of food selling, FSSAI has now brought in a draft notification regarding false claims and misleading advertisements.

Resorting to words like ‘Natural’ and ‘Fresh’, many food processing units wrongly claim their products’ quality. To bring a halt on these false advertisements, FSSAI has now issued a draft notification which states that any product which undergoes packaging, storing, processing or has included ingredients which will not allow the food to remain fresh, cannot be advertised as ‘Natural’ or ‘Fresh’ by the FBO. This new regulation is called¬†Food Safety and Standards (Advertisements and Claims) Regulations, 2017.

2. FSSAI has introduced new standards for sago, which are advertised as sago manufactured from tapioca as a genuine product. These new standards for ‘Tapioca sago’ have replaced the old ‘sago’ standards.

The new notification defines ‘Tapioca sago’ and states that it should be free from insects and pests infestations, dirt, etc. The parameters set according to the new draft includes moisture content, ash, starch, proteins, fibre, sulphur dioxide, etc.

3. With the advent of new notification from FSSAI regarding fortifying milk with vitamins A and D, several companies have now allotted their resources to combating deficiencies by initiating the fortifying process.

Vitamin A and D are majorly found to be deprived in Indian population, which is why the notification is brought into place. This fortification will be conducted across a wide range of milk types Рskimmed, whole fat, toned and doubled toned milk, etc. This fortification is expected to satiate 15-30% of the total body requirements. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has asked milk producers to add 770 IU of Vitamin A and 550 IU of Vitamin D per litre of milk.

4. Speaking about fortification, several other food products like Fruit juices, bakery products, cereal and cereal-based foods will soon have fortification standards drafted; this includes several leading food businesses.

The idea of fortification has opened new doors with respect to variety of products that can be utilised as the medium to ensure spread of nutrients across the population. Fruit juices, cereals and cereal-based foods, as well as bakery products are used extensively by common people and this shall ensure a wide spread of the micronutrients that are found to be lacking in Indian diets.

5. To curb non-compliance at every step and in the interest of public health, FSSAI has released guidelines that consist of steps, methods, reasons and the stakeholders involved in a mandatory Food Recall Plan.

To enter the market 2 years after the noodle-debacle, FSSAI has issued regulations for food recall policy mandatory for every food business. This shall be used even during the renewal of the license and is issued in the interest of the public health. Each step and the ways to go about, both in the case of preventive measures and under the recall process, is mentioned under the regulation.

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