Indoor Air Quality Testing During Pandemic

With the face of the pandemic, the concerns about health and safety have risen. Indoor air quality has also become a major concern, especially at workspaces. Reports have shown that poor ventilation has been linked to the spread of virus-containing aerosols, making shared indoor spaces a threat. As workplaces have started reopening, people are rightfully anxious about their safety on a daily basis now more than ever. Even building owners have more responsibility to make their occupants feel safe. 

Improving indoor air quality is not just important because the pandemic is the only reason, but there are other important reasons to work on improving air quality. We all might think that staying indoors means we are safe from air pollution, but according to research this is not the case. As per the EPA, air pollution can occur indoors too and it can lead to headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls this – “Sick Building Syndrome.” Due to the lockdown, we are all anyway collectively spending most of our time indoors. Therefore managing indoor air pollution is also critical. 

Where Does Indoor Pollution Come From?

  • Outside sources such as dust and smoke from roads and freeways.
  • Indoor sources that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are the gases that are emitted into the air from products and processes.
  • Poorly designed and energy inefficient buildings, which can trap pollutants inside.

What Are The Effects Of Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Poor indoor air quality causes negative health consequences, but research has shown a link between poor IAQ and cognitive functions. Lower air quality increases the risk of:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Lower test scores and attendance rates in schools
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Decline in alertness
  • Decreased critical thinking abilities

How To Combat Indoor Air Pollution During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Now we know that as we stay indoors and take utmost precaution to avoid coming into contact with COVID-19, keeping our minds and bodies safe is important. Good lung health is essential for our bodies to be able to fight the virus if we do contract it.

While organizations will be busy with resuming operations and rebooting activities, they’ll need support through expert analysis and recommendations. Equinox Labs has been offering air quality monitoring services for the last 15 years and can help you to keep your staff safe.  We’re a leading FSSAI Notified, NABL Accredited, and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Food, Water, and Air Testing Laboratory. It is India’s largest Auditing Agency.  

We also have designed a certification program called, Safe Place to Work that aims to assist organizations who share the same goal of creating and sustaining the culture of safety and hygiene. Based on the compliance level, organizations are audited and awarded with a ‘Safe Place to Work’ certificate, which is recognized nationwide. 

Call our team today to perform a thorough audit of IAQ in your commercial premises and we will give the report and suggest how to improve your indoor air quality.

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