Importance of Quality of Water for Corporate Companies

The growing absenteeism in the Corporate Companies is now because of an additional reason except for the viral fever. The common cause of these issues is the consumption of impure water in the Corporate premises. All you can do is Water-Testing


Water availability poses a substantive risk to the Corporate Companies. All the companies require water to provide their staff with canteens and washroom facilities. Moreover, the companies which have kitchens in the canteen, it is of utmost importance to use good quality water for cooking and drinking purposes.

How water quality affects?

Water is indirectly affecting the employees in several ways. The direct cause could be consumption of drinking water from the taps or filter water.
The indirect ways could be consuming the canteen food and using washrooms. However, if the corporate companies have hired food vendors, its imperative to check on the water they use for cooking food.

Does mineral water pose a risk?

Also, a check on the bottled and packaged water supplied of different brands in the companies should be checked before providing it to the employees. There have been claims that the packaged water companies have been supplying it without a BIS Certification mark and have false branding. Many cases have been registered under such practices.

Water Testing

While water testing from a NABL Accredited and FSSAI Approved Lab is the ultimate solution, if the issues are aggravating and are out of control, an internal check-up done by the concerned authorities might prove fruitful. A yearly water testing plan can help the situation to be under control.

The following preventions can be taken for controlling water contamination.

1. By controlling the pH and alkalinity by regular corporate water supply testing

2. Compliance consultancies shall assist with all the formalities that can be done for the audit and inspection procedures

3. Complete assessment from the source of water supply to its end

4. Different pipelines should be properly analysed and checked to prevent the consequent problems that might occur

5. Training programmes should be conducted to prevent contamination of secondary points for e.g., (avoid touching water-bottles directly to the taps)

6. Water Storage Units in the company should not be made by the materials which are reactive

The benefits a Corporate Company can have on supplying quality water to the employees.

1. The organisation and industries are into the safe zone once when the quality check of all the water systems is implemented

2. Awareness about drinkable and non-drinkable corporate water supply testing will be spread in the adjacent surrounding

3. Ensures trust among the employees and increases the goodwill of an organization

Corporate Water supply testing should be implemented in Enterprises for ensuring the overall health of the employees and the staff is well-maintained. Any degradation found in the potable and non-drinking water can lead to sick employees, increased levels of absenteeism, reduced team and company productivity, leading to poor organisation performance, hampering its brand equity.

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