How can FSSAI’s ‘Safe Water for Healthy Living’ benefit people?

In 2014, it was estimated that due to the rising water contamination cases, the city of Bengaluru would be inhabitable by the year 2023. According to a Central Groundwater Board report, more than 600 cities lie around polluted rivers, contaminating the groundwater resource adjacent to them.

Due to this contamination, more than 10 million disorders have been reported.

More than 5 million children die globally due to the inadequacy of pure water.

Deteriorating Water QualitY

What is the solution?

Purifying natural resources, purification plants for polluted rivers are on the rise. Many municipal corporations have begun the purification process at their end in the past decade and many purification ideas are implemented. However, it might be safe to say that packaged bottles today is considered as the safest option whenever there is a rise in the contamination cases in any particular area.

Packaged Drinking Water

There are two points that have to be considered here –

1. Save РThere are countless who cannot afford their own right to avail pure drinking water, forget to get a packaged drinking bottle. All this because we could not save water at our end; the time when we left the tap running while brushing our teeth, or when we forgot to repair that leaking faucet.

One of the major cause of the shortage is wastage. Here are some facts that will make you feel guilty –

– Bengaluru wastes nearly 50% of the supply it gets from Cauvery.

– India will have no drinkable water by the year 2040 if shortage and wastage continue at this rate.

Protect Water-Protect Environment

2. Protect & Purify – The saved water can be in both pure and impure form. It is now that the government, local authorities, and people have to contribute to its prevention from contamination and purification.

How will you know whether the water you are drinking is pure or not? Or how to purify the contaminated one?

First, get the samples in doubt, tested by an NABL Accredited / BIS Certified Laboratory. Be it for household use, for any food business, for portability or any other use, testing brings to light the condition of water and this will eventually help in proceeding with purification steps if needed.

Water Filtration Systems

What is FSSAI’s ‘Safe Water for Healthy Living’ Campaign?

It is every living creature’s Right to access pure water for drinking and other chores. As mentioned earlier, packaged drinking water has come to be a symbol of purity amidst the rising contamination cases. However, it is important that consumers are provided with the proof of purity to help them make an informed purchase decision.

The Project Clean Drinking Water – An Initiative by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

This project is started with an idea to assure that the information provided related to the manufacturing/processing of the packaged drinking/mineral water is correct and is more transparent to the consumers. Called as the ‘confidence building exercise’, this campaign is driven by the idea that consumers should and must be given the right to ensure that the water they get is safe and of high quality, making it free from any macro or micro impurities of chemical, physical or biological origin.

This will ensure that there is adequate transparency for the consumers to make the right decision while purchasing and/or using any packaged bottle. Hence, there is an efficient system devised for consumers to utilize this facility.

What is the system?

Here are the steps for ensuring the packaged bottle is pure and of high quality –

– Check the package for the License No. and/or the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) No.

– Enter either of the two numbers in the portal enabled by the FSSAI. Click on the dropdown to choose the number you are entering. To visit the portal, click here.

Here is the snapshot of the same –

FSSAI - Safe water policy

Many food and beverage companies have already joined hands with FSSAI which strengthens the policy and ensures more safety in the coming time.

About the Logo –

Safe water for healthy living logoThe logo signifies trust and promise of the FSSAI, ensuring the elixir of life is pure and healthy, with tests conducted to ensure the same.

The encircling of the thumb and index finger means the water is pure and safe, the blue colour stands for cleanliness which is free from contaminants and toxic elements, and the drop means that each drop is pure, safe and ready for mass consumption.

Source – FSSAI Website

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