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We would love to hear from your end. So here are some style-sheet tips and key notes to remember while submitting articles:

– Accustom yourself with WordPress format and publishing.

– Use a catchy headline

– Your article should have minimum 300 words.

– Do not make derogatory statements against anything and anyone. Your opinions are valued, only in a decent manner.

– Use relevant categories as mentioned on our main page as per your content.

– The title should not exceed a stated limit of 70 characters.

– Do not use caps all over.

– Plagiarism is out of fashion; Do not adhere to such means. Stick to originality. Its trending!

– Feel free to mention your blog or a social media site anywhere in your article. However, do not use partial reports, or links to your blog for the rest of the article.


Publishing might take a duration of three days for review and proof reading.

Contact us on if your article isn’t published even after the stipulated time period.

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