Can you guess the 3 Latest Food Safety News/Updates from FSSAI?

The start of January 2018 has been exciting, both for FSSAI, the Food Business Operators and the Consumers, in particular. The number of notifications, news and updates that have surfaced in this month alone have tremendous potential, which adds to the increasing compliance towards food safety. This week we bring to you, the 3 latest food safety news from FSSAI that can impact the export and the restaurant business of the country.

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Food Safety News 1: FSSAI has made it mandatory for all Food Business Operators to declare Cinnamon (Dalchini) on every food package/label

Food Safety News - Cinnamon Declaration

The notification has come after the Food Safety Officers were issuing notices for non-declaration of cinnamon in upma mixes, masala oats, etc. However, this applies only to products containing cinnamon as a single ingredient and not as one of the ingredients, present on the packaging.

Food Safety News 2: Hygiene ratings for Restaurants will soon become a mandated reality which shall be displayed at the premises, only after they fulfill certain criteria


Food Safety News - Hygiene Rating for Restaurants

Just like the food and ambiance rating, FSSAI will soon mandate hygiene ratings, which will highlight the Good Hygiene/Manufacturing Practices (GHP/GMP) of the place. Rated from one to five smileys or emojis, the highest would be denoted as ‘very good hygiene standards’ while the lowest would signify ‘poor quality and hygiene’. Under the project, those restaurants and cafes that follow the mandatory requirements, like FSSAI license, Food Safety Display Boards on the premises, trained Food Safety Supervisors under the FoSTaC Programme and those who conduct regular testing, can opt for the rating programme.
The restaurants will be first asked to self-assess, following which the food safety officials will rate them; the two scores will help decide the final one. The time period for reassessing will be from 6 months to 1 year.

Food Safety News 3: To standardise the purity and quality and for ease of export, FSSAI has released draft notifications for millets, pulses, honey, flour and several others

Pulses and Millets

This move is directed to improve the overall quality and standards on an international platform, considering several of them are exported without adequate safety measures. Adulteration, the use of pesticides and fertilizers and the type of processing used – makes a difference to the final product.
These standards also comprise amendments for a several number of whole, shelled or split pulses, as well as tempe, royal jelly, bee wax, couscous, and tempered soy protein.

We hope this will help you stay compliant with these Food Safety News by FSSAI.

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