FSSAI WhatsApp Updates – What was FSSAI Brewing last Week?

Okay, we are back this week with some good surprises from FSSAI! These notifications, as always, help us with precautionary measures to ensure that the food provided to people is safe and of exemplary quality.

Let’s find out what’s new in the last week!

1. IRCTC all set to partner with FSSAI to improve the food served in the trains. Audits, testing and training will soon form a major chunk of this partnership.

In a surprising way, IRCTC will now partner with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) in the wake of rising complaints against the food served and the quality observed by the food handlers. This partnership will include audits by the FSSAI Officials which will bring into picture registration of the caterers serving food inside the trains, their license, safety and quality, as well as serving process. More than 4 – 5 Lakh meals are served daily to over 2 crore people, which shows the gravity of the situation. IRCTC also plans to renovate the pantries for better storage and preparation of food.

2. In a bid to save surplus food wastage and provide the same to the needy, FSSAI has started an initiative called ‘Indian Food Recovery Alliance’ (IFRA), wherein you can register with the platform that collects and distribute among the needy.

At a pilot level as of now, FSSAI has turned aggregator to collect surplus food for the needy people, which will otherwise go waste. This system allows interested donors, both individuals and companies to volunteer to this initiative. FSSAI considers this as a perfect way to provide food along with creating awareness on the importance of food storage and the prevention of wastage. The portal will soon be open for all, post the initial testing.

3. FSSAI issued a draft notification prescribing residual limits for antibiotics, veterinary drugs and pharmacologically active substances in meat, poultry, eggs, and milk.

The use of antibiotics in animal feed is on a rampant in India. Ranking 4th globally in the amount used, the basic need of using antibiotics was to improve the meat quality and to keep animal diseases at bay. However, the uncontrolled use of these antibiotics has posed health disorders to humans. These standards will work in two ways – prescribed standards to help breeders comply with the law, and increase in the price to dissuade the purchase of the antibiotics.

4. FSSAI will now take action against Food Businesses and companies which manufacture or process products made of Hemp. Due to the lack of adequate information on the seeds and the effects they have on human health, as of now, these seeds are barred from usage by the Authority.

The lack of adequate information, health benefits and the harmful effects on human health, FSSAI has dissuaded the use and consumption of hemp and products containing the same. The Food Safety Authority has not, thereby, standardized hemp; hence, any FBO or company using hemp as an ingredient shall be going against the food law. This non-compliance shall draw the wrath of FSSAI and strict action shall be taken.

5. FSSAI has prescribed standards for both raw and dry fruits with respect to processing and preparation, which includes quality control,  it’s sensory acceptability and packaging.

Dry fruits preparation (or, raw fruits processing) requires quality control, safety procedures, and stringent levels of processing ingredients well defined. FSSAI also defines the packaging norms and regulations which will ensure their good storage and transport. This step will help preserve and maintain the nutrient levels of the dry fruits, along with the defined use of processing chemicals.

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