4 FSSAI News on Licenses/ Registrations to look out for!!

Hello Peeps!!!! Welcome to the last segment of FSSAI News for the month of April!!

Well, you will be surprised to know the latest reforms on the license and registration issues. The drafts have certainly made the work simpler and convenient. Are you all excited enough?

Let’s explore the FSSAI News quickly!

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI orders mess owners of the government institutions to obtain licenses at the earliest

FSSAI News and Updates
The recent audits of the canteens of 11 educational institutions undertaken by FSSAI state that seven of them failed the audits while four of them were marked for improvement. Thus, FSSAI has directed all the FBOs running canteens or messes at government and central government academic organisations to get licenses at the earliest. Failing to do so, the FBOs will be penalised according to the Food Safety Standards Act, 2006.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI directs FBOs within the seaport and airport premises on the licensing formalities

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FBOs having establishments within the seaport and airport premises have to get their licenses issued by the respective notified DO. If the DO isn’t notified, then the licenses will be issued by the Central Licensing Authority.
Also, the FBOs who already have the licenses issued by the state district officer, they will have to surrender their licenses and renew it from the respective DO at the seaport. While doing this, only the renewal charges will be applied and not the modification charges.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI drafts new standards for Ice/Ice lollies

Ice Candy Under Food Safety Scanner-Equinox Labs
The food vendors who are indulged in the sale of ice lollies have to add few words on the label. The use of spices on it has led FSSAI to issue a new standard. It is now mandatory to specify the ”spices and condiments” after the words fruit juices and cocoa. Also, when the words nuts and salt are also used it is necessary to mention spices and condiments later in the paragraph.

FSSAI NEWS 4. FSSAI on the generation of Online FSSAI License and Registration

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As the conventional practice of sending out the License/Registration certificates to the FBOs through couriers seemed problematic, FSSAI issued a new standard. FSSAI has issued a new rule of sending the approved license certificates through mails to avoid any delay and delivery problems. There will be a standard sentence at the end of the mail stating –This is a computer generated License/Registration certificate and does not require the signatures of License/Registration Authorities, according to the FSSAI News.

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