FSSAI, People and Baking Industries: Aftermaths of Bread Fiasco

Perturbed by the recent turn of events in case of bread’s nutrient value, it has made us wonder – where do we stand in terms of food quality and standards? As compared to the world, what measures are we taking to monitor and safeguard health? Time and again, with each emerging food scam, questions arise, measures are taken and issues are resolved. Then again, the vicious cycle takes its course.

Cancer causing chemicals found in bread-Equinox Labs

The recent scenario has three facets – the law, the population and the Food industries. All three have a different, yet overlapping perspective on this matter. Facts are told over the course of two days. Let us visualize and comprehend the three angles to this story.


FSSAI-Equinox Labs

The Pollution Monitoring Laboratory (PML) of CSE worked over an year with reputed third-party labs to get into the depth. Unprecedented use of Potassium Bromate/Iodate compelled PML to direct its complete attention to this matter. FSSAI taking note of this, took over from the law’s point of view. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has clearly specified what additives can be used and its upper limit. Hence, FSSAI has proposed¬†ban of these oxidizing, cancer causing chemicals. Straight from New Delhi, the government is all set to ban Potassium Bromate and its Iodate brother as a Food Additive.


The people are left aghast due to the news headlines making the rounds. The consumption rate of baked goods have increased exponentially, comprising around 9% of the total food intake. This is the reason of worry and fear among households, where bread forms the basic ingredient of breakfast. People from all over the country have tweeted, posted updates and expressed their anger on social media platforms. The deteriorating quality of food products have been unanimously condemned and a need for better laws, production procedures and transparency in labeling criteria has been demanded.

Food Business Operators:

Many FBOs are facing the wrath due to the first-hand reports revealed by PML. Tests are underway by FSSAI; however, many FBOs are now directing their attention towards getting their samples tested by third-party labs to come clean of any unethical practices. A few leading brands have proclaimed to have not used the harmful chemicals at all. While a minimal quantity harmless to human body is used by majority, those which may not have adhered to the laws may soon be under the radar of FSSAI and People. Couple of bread brands have come clean of any carcinogens. Many more are sure to join the safety club.

Needless to say, it is imperative for food businesses to get their breads tested to free themselves from the clutches of law. Procrastination will lead nowhere, instead will cause fines, imprisonments and loss of brand value.

This is why Equinox Lab urges you to get your bread analysed. One step and your brand stays free of hassles. Some known brands are our esteemed clients who trust us as their beneficiary guide and support.

Prevention is always better than Cure

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