4 FSSAI News for the week which will prove helpful for Food Companies!

Hello People!! We are back with another week, another sunny day but with striking FSSAI News that would probably make the hotter summer days of May, a little relaxing and chill.

Yet again, FSSAI has come with more effective solutions for the bold issues that had been tampering for a while ago in the food industry.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s grab a quick eye on the FSSAI News for the week.

FSSAI News 1: FSSAI orders FBOs on the usage of blue color in the industrial ice production

waterFSSAI has observed that in the absence of any visible distinction between the edible and non-edible ice, the latter is also being used for consumption. Thus, FSSAI has ordered all the FBOs across India to use blue food colour in the manufacturing of industrial ice. This will help in the identification of edible ice and the non-edible. The edible oil shall remain colorless.

FSSAI has also decided that food colours Indigo Carmine and Brilliant Blue up to10 parts per million (ppm) must be used in the production of non-edible ice which will help official to check the contamination.
All the FBOs should ensure the visible distinction between the two by using food colour in non-edible ice by June 2018 according to the FSSAI News.

FSSAI News 2: FSSAI on issuing new drafts for packaged water, decaffeinated roasted and ground coffee and decaffeinated soluble coffee powder.

Avoid bottled water
FSSAI has ordered to restrict the use of excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium in the packaged drinking water. The limits for the calcium and magnesium have been added as 20-75mg/l and 10-30mg/l, respectively.

Decaffeinated coffee means the dried seeds of Coffea arabica, Coffea liberica, or with their husks removed and decaffeinated to remove nearly all the caffeine from the beans. Decaffeination is carried out while the beans are in green form before they are roasted.

The draft stated that the products should be free from artificial colouring and flavouring and shall be in dry and fresh condition and free from rancidity.

Decaffeinated soluble coffee powder
It is defined as coffee powder obtained from freshly roasted and ground pure coffee beans from which most of the caffeine has been removed. The product shall be in the form of a free-flowing powder and should not contain chicory or any other added substances.

FSSAI News 3: FSSAI on the reduction of paperwork on the food import clearance

fssai news
FSSAI, considering the time required for all the approval of documents and paperwork in the import system, has drafted a new regulation. The draft minutes lowering the number of documents required by the food importers from 12 to 5. Also, all the importers will have to upload all the relevant documents on the Icegate portal of the Central Board of Excise and Customs. A uniform basic food import clearance fee of Rs 2000 will be charged for a bill of entry, and no further testing fee would be charged from the importer.

FSSAI News 4: FSSAI comes up with a new definition for cane jaggery and adds calcium saccharin to the food grade category

baking - sugar
The new definition according to the FSSAI draft for cane jaggery is, “Cane jaggery, or cane gur, means the product obtained by boiling or processing juice pressed out of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum). Also, only additives permitted under these regulations shall be used, whereas added colour shall not be permitted.
Further, a new food grade namely calcium saccharin has been added which is a white crystalline odourless powder. The purity of this if used should be 99% and the moisture it should contain must be 15% respectively.

We hope the FSSAI News will alert food companies to implement the above regulations soon, to avoid the consequences and the altering effects.

That’s all for the week guys!

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