4 FSSAI News for the first week of April.

April has just begun and we are flooded with some exciting FSSAI News. This week’s FSSAI news has brought in some constructive reforms which are beneficial to the FBOs and direct sellers.

Let’s grab a quick glance at the FSSAI News.

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI to review licensing & registration of FBOs on basis of turnover

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FSSAI will be reviewing the condition for licensing and registration of food business operators (FBOs) based on the turnover.
It is actively considering to take into account the Goods and Services Tax (GST) formula for annual turnover to identify the FBOs required to obtain licenses or register.
Under GST, a turnover of Rs 20 lakhs makes a business or trader eligible for GST registration.

Currently, all FBOs need to register or obtain a Central or state license based on their turnover. While a turnover is excess of Rs 12 lakh per annum requires a license to operate, a turnover below that can operate with a registration.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI eases rules for agents & distributors of Direct Selling Firms

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It had been observed earlier that the direct selling agents found difficult to obtain license and registration due to the absence of storage spaces and premises.
But according to fssai, new draft has been proposed that there is no need of the above requirements for registration. Also fewer documenmts will be accepted from now.
Registration of such mobile direct sellers could be done by respective registering authority on production and verification of their identity certification/authorisation issued by Direct Selling Entities along  with personal identity proof as per the reports. The Direct Selling Agents are attached to Direct Selling Entities (DSE) which are responsible for safe storage and transportation of food products

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI drafts new standards and regulations under oils and fats category


FSSAI has modified the existing standards for oils and fats and added new standards clubbed with those of Codex.
In this regard, the FSSAI has proposed a draft notification detailing the new standards and regulations for the oils and fats category.

The draft standards shall be reviewed based on the comments received from stakeholders and revised if required.
New standards have been issued for palm stearin, palm kernel olein, palm kernel stearin, superolien, avocado oil and inclusion peroxide value in the standards of all vegetable oils.
The existing standards of kachi ghani mustard oil and palm oil (with regard to melting point) and vanaspati have also been revised.

FSSAI NEWS 4. FSSAI orders registration of direct sellers with identity certificates

FSSAI updates - Policies

In a major relief to direct selling food business operators (FSOs), FSSAI has issued an order stating that the registration of direct sellers be done by registration authorities along with personal identity proofs and identity certificates by direct selling entities (DSEs).

It added, “To facilitate the quick registration of bulk direct sellers, FSSAI News will enable DSEs to get bulk registration of their direct sellers centrally, using the facilities of common service centres (CSCs).

“This is a very positive step towards ease of doing business in the country. Not only will the move streamline the registration process, but would also ensure compliance of food safety norms by the direct selling industry,” FSSAI official added.

The April edition of FSSAI News deserves a read for all the FBOs and consumers so as to be updated on the current reforms.

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