4 FSSAI News and Updates that can Surprise You Today!

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1. [Spicy Level: 9/10] Post a brief revision in the list of subjects for the FBOs to be trained under, Milk and Milk products is now included under FoSTaC Programme

Milk and Milk Products

As mandated under the Food Safety Training and Certification [FoSTaC] Programme, a presence of a qualified Food Safety Supervisor [FSS] is a must at every Food Business site for every 25 food handlers. Milk and Milk products, a crucial area of the food industry, where the chances of quality deterioration are extremely high, is now a mandatory subject under the revised list of FoSTaC subjects.
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2. [Spicy Level: 8/10] FSSAI has put the deadline of a year to complete all the work related to Standards and Regulations


Considering this news, FSSAI might incorporate some major changes in the Regulations and Standards. Scrapping of old orders and replacing them with new and more in-depth orders are likely to be in place.
Ashwin Bhadri, CEO – Equinox Labs lauded this step. “FSSAI has been taking revolutionary steps in devising new standards and throwing out those that may not provide value anymore. This year, Food Industry will see some major news updates and I am certainly looking forward to the same.”

3. [Spicy Level: 8/10] The draft notification earlier mentioned on the Shelf Life of Imported products is now officiated as a Gazetted order

Shelf Life

We had mentioned in our earlier FSSAI News section that a draft notification on Shelf Life for imported products. The said draft is now officiated into a Gazetted order and is now an order to be followed by every customs official. Without the valid estimation of the and a certificate of sanitary export by the company of the exporting country, no foreign products shall enter the Indian Food Industry.

4. [Spicy Level: 10/10] FSSAI has now operationalised the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Amendment Regulations, 2018


A major and revolutionary order, FSSAI has issued a draft notification to ease the licensing procedures for all the stakeholders in the food industry. A 6-Section draft speaks on Licensing and Conditions for e-Commerce platforms and Restaurants, Documentation, Hygiene Practices and Slaughterhouses. This is to ensure food safety and streamlined operations for Consumers and Food Safety.

5. [Spicy Level: 9/10] FSSAI has restricted the use of Potassium Bromate’s use as an additive

Bread - FSSAI News

Bringing back old (not so good memories) of the Bread – Potassium Bromate/Iodate health issue, FSSAI has now stated that the use of the said chemical in any food product shall not be considered under any circumstances. Banned in almost every country under European Union, the chemical is used in Bakeries, especially in the preparation of Breads. The detected harmful effects of the chemicals are the root cause behind the order.

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