5 FSSAI News and Updates for your Business that will Blow your mind!

The second week of February 2018 has brought in some MAJOOOORRR FSSAI News for all our Food Business folks!

FSSAI News - 3

No, seriously! We ain’t kidding!

This set of news can make any Food Business Operator, skip a beat!

Let’s find out?

FSSAI News 1. In a revolutionary step, FSSAI has introduced F+ logo to signify and identify fortified staple food, rich in nutrients.

FSSAI News - Food Fortification

Citing the need for enhanced nutrition for women and children across India, FSSAI has now made it mandatory to segregate the fortified staple food like rice, wheat, oil and milk from the non-fortified ones, by introducing the +F Fortification Logo. This move is to avail the nutrition to almost 50% population, both women and children (as per National Family Health Survey) who are deprived of basic health and nutrition. Food Businesses need to apply to FSSAI online to procure the logo. Though not compulsory, the labels can also carry the statement ‘Sampoorna Poshan Swastha Jeevan’.

FSSAI News 2. Under a new draft, FSSAI has now colour – coded food products served in canteen based on their nutritional value.

Titled as ‘Food Safety and Standards (Safe and Wholesome Food for School Children) Regulations, 2018’ the colour codes serves the purpose of differentiating healthy and wholesome food from the unhealthy ones. Green (mostly comprising fresh food), Yellow (comprising packaged food) and Red (comprising foods high in salt, sugar and fat [HFSS]) are the colour codes finalised.

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO of Equinox Labs, commented on the draft with the safety perspective. “The draft reflects the intricately-analysed key points and loopholes that can act as crucial areas – the entry of contaminants and non-compliances. From clean spatulas, ceilings and kitchen floors to ensuring that no FBO selling HFSS food products is within 50m of the vicinity of a school, the draft has looked into aspects which have remained unventured until now.”

FSSAI News 3. As mandated by FSSAI, customs officials shall not clear any article of food if found without a valid shelf life.

Notified under the Food Safety and Standards (Import) First Amendment Regulations, 2018, Customs officials will not clear any food product unless the said product has a valid shelf life of minimum 60% or 3 months, whichever is less at the time of import. A certificate of sanitary export has to be submitted in exporting countries for the categories of food as specified by FSSAI.
The said move is aimed to prevent loss of food products during transit and to ensure the risk-free sale of products.

FSSAI News 4. The J & K Drug and Food Control Organisation is stated to ban the sale of junk foods and aerated drinks in school canteens.

To control the rising cases of hypertension, diabetes, weight gain and the resulting hormonal & other disorders, this step is taken. Junk foods are usually high in Sugars, Salt and Fats, while aerated drinks consists of chemicals, preservatives and carbon dioxide infused, having deleterious effects on health and productivity of children. It has come at the right time, considering the above draft from FSSAI.

FSSAI News 5. The hindrances which prevented the smooth renewal of FSSAI licenses are set to be cleared by 15 February 2018.

Several technical glitches have halted the process; however, this shall have no effect on the functioning of the food businesses. While the corrections are made, food businesses shall be allowed to continue their operations, as well as extra time period for renewal shall be allotted to all the food business operators in question.

Like these FSSAI News, mandated by FSSAI, one such order is Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) Programme, which is compulsory for all Food Business Operators. 

If you haven’t registered for one, hurry up! It is necessary to have atleast one Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) at site for every 25 handlers.

Visit our Official FoSTaC website and book a seat for yourself! Limited seats only!

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