4 FSSAI News and Updates that would brighten up your face.

We are back with the last installment of February FSSAI News Updates, and we think that they have the POWERRRRR to brighten up your day (probably, a week!)

Okay, let’s not keep you waiting any more! Let the FSSAI News .. BEGINNN!

FSSAI NEWS 1. – FSSAI proposes on the removal of Boudoiun, Halphen tests for blended edible oil:

FSSAI News - Oil Testing

According to the old formalities, various methods were adopted for testing of the edible oils.
Out of the several tests, Halphen tests and the Boudoiun tests -the ones which were more time consuming tests are completely removed.
As per the draft notification, Food business operators (FBO) will be able to make Vanaspati oils easily, as it will not restrict the preparation for the list specified earlier.
Oil testing is implemented to detect mineral oils, adulteration and presence of animal body fat presence of rancidity.
Extensive research has been done in the field of vegetable oil testing to examine its authenticity and chemical properties.

FSSAI NEWS 2. – FSSAI will be keeping a tab on small scale food business operators on Hygiene and Quality by Training :

FSSAI News - Food Safety Training for Food Businesses

The Food Safety Department is on a drive to keep an eye over all the roadside eateries, push carts and mobile eateries.
This initative is put forward to check food hygiene and the quality of food served on these stalls.
Also they will be educating them on the cooking methods and storing foods in hygienic conditions, ill effects of colouring agents and reheated oils.
Changes in food handling methods have also been suggested for e.g use of gloves and potable water.
While Food business operators (FBOs) with annual turnover above 12 lakhs are required to obtain a licence from FSSAI, those with annual turnover below 12 lakhs are mandated to get a registration certificate.

FSSAI NEWS 3. – Food safety display boards to be put up in restaurants by FBOs:

Food Safety Display Boards

The FSSAI has developed a regulation stating it is mandatory for restaurants to display
food safety boards listing the dos and donts with respect to hygiene, sanitation, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), etc.
It also states that the these boards shall be displayed at a prominent place in the premises along with an employment of a food safety supervisor.
FSSAI has also reduced the documentation formalities making it easier to obtain the Food licenses. The new regulations from FDA are related to the licensing of e-commerce food businesses, hygiene factors related to slaughter houses and the essential documents required.

FSSAI NEWS 4. – Extension of license renewal application submission to 31st March By FSSAI

Food License Renewal Application

Due to some technical glitches in the FLRS (Food License and Registration System) ,the FSSAI has now extended the applications for renewals of licences and registrations to 31st March. Penalty would not be charged for the late submission.
However, In case, if an FBO fails to submit his/her renewal within the extended time period (i e by March 31, 2018), such FBOs will have to submit fresh applications.
This reform will definitely bring smiles on the faces of FBO owners who still haven’t renewed their licenses.

The above FSSAI News are absolutely beneficial to the customers and FBO businesses. The initiative of Food Safety Boards and License Renewal Application is an imperative one. Immediate actions should be taken to avail the benefits.

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