5 FSSAI News that are Strikingly Remarkable and Worth Noticing.

Hello people!! Its the third week of March and all we can see is how by the day FSSAI is coming up with extra-ordinary reforms.
Likewise, lets catch up a couple of FSSAI News that are extremely worth having a read for the consumers and the food businesses.

FSSAI News 1. FSSAI on inclusion of new standards for whey protein concentrates & colostrum

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FSSAI has laid out standards for milk protein concentrates, whey protein concentrates and colostrum products in the Food Safety and Standards Regulations (FSSR), 2011, and related food additives.
FSSAI has issued a notification inviting suggestions and recommendations from FBOs within 30 days of draft publication.Further on, considering all the recommendations and suggestions the draft will be modified.
Also, the revised standards will be notified for implementation within a period of six months.Whey protein concentrate is a white to light cream colored product with a bland clean flavor obtained by removing non-protein constituents with the help of separation techniques.The standards set are practical, scientific and technical thus resulting in quality assessment.

FSSAI News 2. The FBOs can use the existing pre-printed packaging material upto three more months

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According to FSSAI, the FBOs are permitted to use the pre-printed packaging material for another three months. FSSAI has directed to use the FBOs to use the existing labels under proprietary food for health supplements, nutraceuticals, food for special dietary use and medical purposes, specialty food containing plant and botanicals, probiotics, prebiotics and novel foods for three months time (i e until June 30, 2018). However, FBOs have been instructed to comply with the standards prescribed for food products under Section 22 of the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011.

FSSAI News 3. Milk adulteration will lead to life imprisonment

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There has always been an issue with the retailers selling adulterated milk but never has this issue resolved. The accused run away with the help of bail and the practices are continued.
However, FDA is now thinking of a severe punishment of life imprisonment to those who follow such illegal practices. The current law enacts jail of six months and penalty of a specific amount to all the indulgents in this awful act.
Also, according to FSSAI News the state is initiating to place a GPS devices on milk tankers the way it is placed on petrol and rocket tankers.

FSSAI News 4. FSSAI directed the use of existing labels for seasoning till 30th June,2018

As per the the regulation of August 2017, FSSAI required all the FBOs to include seasonings as the main category product instead of seasoning and condiments(proprietary food). However all the FBOs still have in stock labels with seasoning and condiments printed on the packaging material. Thus, considering this FSSAI has permitted all the FBOs to use the prevailing labels.

FSSAI News 5. FSSAI seeks advises on revision of standards and proposal of new standards for food products


The existing standards for certain products like cocoa mass, chocolate liqor etc. might have to undergo few changes according to the suggestions received by the FBOs.
Also new standards would be laid for products like tomato ketchup, tomato sauce ‘Date Paste, Fermented Soybean Paste, Vegetable Protein Products, Harrisa (Red Hot Pepper Paste Quick Frozen French Fried Potatoes, Canned Chestnuts and Canned chestnut Puree, Edible Fungus Products, Ginger (Sonth, adrak).

FSSAI said, “As per the FSSAI News these standards have been proposed in the context of harmonizing with codex for better trade practices as well as to effectively regulate specified food commodities for their quality and safety.”

The drafts of revised standards will be implemented within a period of six months, FSSAI added.

That’s all as of now. Keep waiting for more updates in the coming week.
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