4 FSSAI News – Labeling, Food Facts, Checklist & SNF Portal

The second week of March has seen FSSAI at its best. These are a bunch of FSSAI News that would make the FBOs grin as well as cautious and on their toes. FSSAI has revised certain parameters pertaining to the Food and Consumer safety. Lets not waste time and get back to the most significant FSSAI News.

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI Mandates mentioning of the edible oil blend details on the label


FSSAI has obligated all the food businesses involved in the sale of edible oils to mention the details of blend on the label of the product.
It is also directed that the font size should be of maximum 5mm. This is initiated due to the existence of frequent practices of false claims and misbranding. The share of the blended oil in these false brands is observed to be 20 % while it is not permissible to have less than 20% of the blended oil.
Labelling with regards to font size is the change FSSAI has incorporated and now it shall be more visible in the packaging of the product.
Meanwhile, the regulation also says that every package containing an admixture of edible oils, shall carry the label immediately below its brand name. Further, the FBOs also have to mention a declaration-‘Not to be Sold Loose’– in bold capital letters along with name of the product.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI’s SNF Portal is devised to spread awareness about safe and nutritious food


In order to spread awareness about safe and nutritious food across the whole country, FSSAI has put forward its step for SNF portal.
SNF portal serves as an online resource center containing information pertaining to this initiative with access to resource materials developed by the FSSAI, assessment on understanding safe and nutritious food and a gateway for everyone to participate in these initiatives through partnerships.
Ensuring safe and nutritious food for all Indian citizens on Pan-India basis calls for maximum outreach efforts which can be achieved only in partnership with multiple stakeholders and role of state governments is paramount for adaptation, implementation and coordination of this initiative.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI implements revised food safety inspection checklist

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In order to facilitate efficient work of inspection of food businesses, FSSAI has revised the inspection checklist.
The existing inspection checklist is generic in nature unlike the revised one which is very objective oriented. The inspection system  is used to identify the level of compliance which each requirement that is set out in the regulation. As per the FSSAI News these inspection checklists are based on the revised on Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards, Regulation 2011 and is applied for the following sectors
1. General Manufacturing
2. Milk Processing
3. Meat Processing
4. Slaughter house
5. Catering
6. Retail
7. Transport
8. Storage & warehouse
The inspection system is categorized into five main sections namely:
1. Design and Facilities
2. Control of  Operation
3. Maintenance and Sanitation
4. Personal Hygiene
5. Training and Compliant Handling

FSSAI NEWS 4. FSSAI Regulates definitions of certain food products under ‘Get Food Facts Right’

FSSAI NEWSFSSAI has defined certain food products which are used on regular basis. FSSAI found it significant to spread the correct information of the food products that are easily available in the market to the consumers. As they say half knowledge is always dangerous, its always beneficial to give the correct food facts.
The food products covered are wheat protein, wheat atta, wheat glutten, fruits and vegetables, oils and fats, organic food products, spices and insecticides. The regulations and compliances regarding to these products are also presented.

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