4 FSSAI News-Junk food, IEM, E-COM and INFoLNET.

Hello amazing people!!!!! Its been a while now, for the Summer to set in and so is our FSSAI News for the third week of April.

A plethora of news has just walked past by and acted as a sunshine to all the FBOs and consumers, mostly a wake up call to all the food giants.

So read on some dapper news which would make the FBOs stand upright and work immediately!!!

Get the quickest glimpse right away……..

 FSSAI News 1: FSSAI on the ban of junk food ads aimed at kids

Considering the percentage of school going children bingeing on junk food and the consequent effects, has made FSSAI issue a ban on HFSS products(High Fat, Sugar and Salt). This implementation will prohibit all the ads focussed on junk eating and will affect companies making chips, burgers, pizzas and other junk food.
According to FSSAI News, The Food and Beverage Alliance of India, which includes major food companies, has already decided to voluntarily restrict food and beverage advertisements aimed at children.

FSSAI News 2: FSSAI issuing regulations for foods related to IEM for infants

FSSAI is working on draft standards for food related to inborn errors of metabolism for infants. The food regulators have already identified the food products that are listed and shall be imported, once approved. Import duties can be waived off on these products as requested by different officials. IEM are genetic disorders in which the body cannot turn food into energy. FSSAI News shows a  probability of IEM in India to be 1/2500 newborns.

FSSAI News 3: FSSAI orders e-commerce companies to get prior approval for selling health supplements

It’s been observed that the direct selling entities are putting the health supplement products for sale on e-commerce platform without the Indian Direct Selling Association approval. Thus, FSSAI has ordered all the CEOs of leading e-retail stores to follow a certain format for the sale of health supplements and receive consent from the respective direct selling entities.

FSSAI News 4: FSSAI urges all the food laboratories to set up INFoLNET by May 18

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INFoLNET is a system that would connect all the food labs notified by FSSAI for transparent and streamlined activities of the labs. The food labs have to set the INFoLNET system by May 18, failing which will result in delisiting of the labs by FSSAI. This system shall ensure fair practices among the labs and following of standardised rules.

Commenting on the subject, Ashwin Bhadri, Chief Executive Officer, Equinox Labs, said, “The Indian Food Laboratory Network (INFoLNET) is a new platform deployed by FSSAI, with a view to ensuring a streamlined and transparent food testing network among all the testing laboratories.”

He added, “This is a fabulous initiative to get all stakeholders on one portal, be it food businesses or testing labs, all the necessary details shall be visible for an unadulterated reporting system, queries, operational process and so on.”

Wasn’t these some exhaustive news for this week????

Nevertheless, these regulations will surely lit up the conditions of the food industry helping it curb the issues with fruitful solutions.

Stay tuned for more such FSSAI updates coming your way next week!!!

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