4 FSSAI News which are informative and productive!!

Hello Folks, the FSSAI News saga remains unstoppable with every productive news coming our way. This week’s FSSAI News is more of information regarding certain ingredients and adulteration strategies used by the food vendors.

Let us take a glance through the news..

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI includes premix under Category 99 of Food Categorisation Code

fssai newsFSSAI has issued a clarification regarding the licensing category for premixes. Premixes is usually a mixture of two or more dry ingredients which are nor for direct consumption.
However, they are mostly added to the final formulation. FSSAI has now decided to include the premixes under the Category 99 of Food Categorisation Code. To eliminate confusion, and make it easy for FBOs, FSSAI has classified premixes in Category 99 which will be very helpful.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI issues new drafts on coffee, packaged drinking water, milk and milk products

According to FSSAI, many prior amendments had been made to the above food products. However, the recent ones are on the coffee beans. FSSAI News has added many clauses including that Decaffeinated-Roasted and Ground Coffee shall be free of artificial colouring, flavouring, facing and extraneous matter. The amendments to the regulations include that total sodium content in the milk powder shall not be more than 650 mg/ 100 gm.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI declares millet to be considered among nutri-cereals and to be given much importance

FSSAI has declared the different millets to be called as nutri-cereals as they hold great nutrient value. It also contributes to food and nutritional security of the country. It is not only rich in nutrients but also climate-resilient crops.

FSSAI NEWS 4. FSSAI has laid down common test guidelines for adulteration present in the food products

In order to help the consumers know about the adulteration hacks that the FBO and other food vendors implement, FSSAI has given certain guidelines. The most staple products that we use on daily basis are the soft targets for adulteration. Let us look at the following ways through which we can identify adulterated products and prevent ourselves from foodborne diseases.

Water adulteration in milk:

Put a drop of milk on a polished slanting surface. Pure milk either stays or flows slowly leaving a  white trail behind. Milk adulterated with water will flow immediately without leaving a mark.

Other oils adulteration in coconut oil:

Take coconut oil in a glass and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes. After refrigeration,
coconut oil solidifies. If coconut oil is adulterated, then other oils remain as a separate layer.

Sugar adulteration in honey:

Take a transparent glass of water. Add a drop of honey to the glass. Pure honey will not disperse in water. If the drop of honey disperses in water, it indicates the
presence of added sugar.

Chalk powder adulteration in sugar:

Take a transparent glass of water and dissolve 10gm of sugar in water. If sugar or powdered sugar or jaggery is mixed with chalk, the adulterant will settle down at the

 Added colors in food grains:

Add two teaspoons of food grains in a transparent glass of water and mix thoroughly. Pure food grains will not leave any colour. Adulterated food grains leave colour immediately in water.

Fssai in its own way is definitely helping the consumers about food safety awareness and enlightening the consumers on recognising the adulterated foods. But are you implementing these small changes for a better food lifestyle???

We shall certainly come with more such FSSAI News next week.

Until then, stay food conscious and keep waiting for FSSAI News.

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