4 FSSAI NEWS for a happy week ahead for the consumers!!!

The second week of May 2018 has brought in some MAJOOOORRR FSSAI News for all our Food Business folks!!

No, seriously! We ain’t kidding!

FSSAI has geared up for all the amendments which were long awaited and had to be resolved one day. All the news for today is related to the staple food products which are used regularly.

These updates will make you feel relieved and thankful for the same. So guys, without wasting a minute, let’s start soon!!!

FSSAI NEWS 1: FSSAI issues training manual for veterinary drug residue analysis in food

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FSSAI has taken an initiative of providing a training manual for veterinary drug residue analysis in food products. The rise of diseases caused due to the presence of drug residue in animal products has led FSSAI to provide a manual. According to the FSSAI News manual consists of analytical techniques and methods in the form of standard operating procedures and a number of chromatographic-spectrometric techniques. It also comprises of the maximum residue levels (MRLs) and the prohibition of certain drugs. This FSSAI manual will help keep a check on the veterinary drugs used and prevent food-borne diseases.

Ashwin Bhadri, Chief Executive Officer, Equinox Labs, and an expert on the food safety-related matter said, “It’s an issue which was long awaited and had to be resolved for public welfare. The advent of a training manual is for the optimum utilisation of veterinary drugs which will benefit tremendously and prevent the outburst of consequences.”
 “Nevertheless, the use of such methods will only add to consumer safety and hygiene. This will emphasize on the Indian veterinary drug standards, ensuring trust in consumers and suppliers and achieving toxin-free food products,” he concluded.

FSSAI NEWS 2: FSSAI declares imprisonment and penalty on the sale of substandard quality milk

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A survey on the milk samples of renowned brands has resulted in the failure because of their substandard quality. The adulteration and substandard quality milk by these sellers are no more safe for consumption. The new draft by FSSAI News declares stringent action by the FSSAI authorities against such sellers of substandard milk. This draft has taken at the cost of the public and will be definitely implemented.

FSSAI NEWS 3: FSSAI notifies a new draft on food labeling for GM products

FSSAI issues a new draft on the labeling of food for genetically modified products. According to Fssai News, it has been observed that the packaged food with at least 5% content for genetically engineered sources will be labeled.
The FSSAI draft also defines safe levels of fat, sugar, and salt in processed food. Food packs would have a designated space colored RED in case the value of energy from total sugar is more than 10 percent, the value of energy (kcal) from trans-fat is more than 1 percent of the total energy (kcal) and total fat or sodium content provided by the 100.

FSSAI NEWS 4: FSSAI launches a mobile food testing laboratory in Meghalaya

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The much awaited mobile food testing laboratory called Food Safety on Wheels finally gets launched in Shillong. This FSSAI regulated lab will cater to street food vendors, catering, retail and distribution, storage and transport, bakery, sellers of meat, milk and milk products in unorganised food business sectors. Besides, acting a testing lab and transporting food samples from remote areas, it will also act as a platform to conduct awareness programmes and to impart training to all Food Companies.

The above news would have definitely made the consumers relaxed but all the FBOs have to watch out. All the food companies will have to be a little conscious and function strictly according to the norms of FSSAI.

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