4 FSSAI News that will end your 2017 – 18 Fiscal year with a Blast!

Working late with your accounts and finance departments? Yeah, it is the end of the financial year and we know you are breaking your backs. tallying your expenses! But, since you are a Food Business Operator (or, are remotely related to any Food Business), then you know the FSSAI News you are about to read ..



Don’t believe us?

Want to see the various new FSSAI News that have hit the Indian Food Business this last week?

Let’s begin –

FSSAI News 1: New guidelines from FSSAI are prepared, bringing into consideration all Food Business Operators to cease doping in Sports


This shall include a stringent regulation of online and offline retailers, importers and other FBOs to check if any kind of performance-enhancing substance is not present in the ‘Nutritional Supplements’ the sportsperson is consuming. The guidance document is a method to make aware not just the sportsperson, but also other consumers on the labels and claims of the products. It provides an overview about the regulatory status and provisions that are present in the FSSR, 2011 and NADA’s anti-doping rule.

FSSAI News 2: A new notification has been drafted under the Fruit and Vegetable categories for several additives and ingredients

FSSAI News : Fruits and Vegetables

These changes are added to the Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 in Regulation 2.3. Clauses 56 – 62 are added after sub-regulation 2.3.55. Items like date paste, fermented soybean paste, canned chestnuts, etc. are some of the many to be recently included. The stakeholders have a month’s time to revert with their comments on the same.

FSSAI News 3: FSSAI has ordered several top food companies to set up and manage teams for Food Recall process

Food recall

After understanding the importance and devising the regulation to instill a mandatory food recall plan for all food businesses, FSSAI has made a new change. It has now asked top 200 food companies to set up a trained Food Recall Teams to manage the entire process, should a similar case happen. This is to ensure quick and smooth process to bring back all the products in the market, without further damage to the brand and to the health of the consumers.

FSSAI News 4: No farmers shall get access to market sale unless they are not certified, says FSSAI

Organic Food Labelling - FSSAI News and Updates

This has come into action, post several misleading claims about organic sources emerged in the past. To maintain authenticity and to propel the sale of only those products which are truly organic, FSSAI has taken this major step. Further, FSSAI has asked for a comprehensive and a single legislation for organic foods – currently, the agricultural ministry and APEDA are having separate guidelines for organic foods. A need for a single process is essential, says Chairman – FSSAI, Ashish Bahuguna.


That was a lot to take in! Wasn’t it?

Now, of course, this was the end of the financial year – It had to be a bomb!

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