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FSSAI News 1. FSSAI issues regulations against specific words used on the labels

1. A new rule for the advertisements of food products according to the FSSAI News states that no food company will be allowed to put up ads that are against healthy lifestyle or portray packaged food as a complete replacement for a normal meal. Also the FBOs are prohibited to use words such as natural, fresh, premium, authentic, genuine, real on food labels except under specific conditions.
The proposed rules are aimed at protecting consumer interests and help them make informed choices.

“The guidelines also stipulate that the claims must be truthful, unambiguous, meaningful, not misleading and help consumers to comprehend the information provided,” said an FSSAI official.

FSSAI News 2. FSSAI on implementing the usage of safe packaging materials

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To ensure safe packaging of food products by FBO’s that will reduce health related risks, FSSAI has proposed a draft regarding this issue. It also states that the material used for packaging should be in respective of the Indian standards.
The proposed draft aimed to adopt standards, which will regulate different packaging components, such as plastics, glass, paper, printing inks, etc. across the packaging supply chain.

“Adopting a new set of rules for packaging safety will not only help the packaging industry to evolve in terms of food safety, but also in terms of operational safety as well as environmental safety,” an official added as per the FSSAI News.

FSSAI News 3. No more simultaneous practice of money handling.

The issue of money handling is now being considered as grave and FSSAI has drafted a proposal to discourage simultaneous money handling. Cross contamination occurs when money is handled with unclean and soiled hands, use of saliva to count money and when harmful micro-organisms affect food when kept in unhygienic conditions.
It encourages host of diseases, including food poisoning, skin diseases and respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, and posed a risk to human health.

FSSAI News 4. FSSAI on the discourages on use of chemicals in fruit ripening.

FSSAI has strictly prohibited the use of chemicals to ripen fruits like mango, banana etc which are harmful and can affect the consumers in a several ways. This usually happens when the demand of fruits is on the higher side. FBOs are however allowed to practice artificial ripening by using ethylene gas at a concentration up to 100 ppm which are licensed under the FSSAI ACT 2006. FBOs are warned to ban such activities on an immediate basis.

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