FoodAsia2016 Invites Equinox to highlight Food Safety, Supply & FSSAI

The current scenario of Food Safety compels us to stop and take a look at the food we are eating or supplying. Safety and hygiene of food does not end at one single direction; there are multiple angles, perspective and facets to take into consideration while managing and monitoring food safety. Not to forget, food license and testing becomes the pre and post food product development essentials, without which, the proof of quality cannot be vindicated.

What’s more, this monitoring, managing and safeguarding doesn’t end; it remains to be a continuous process. Constant improvisations for betterment of Food safety and upliftment of overall health of living beings has become pivotal. These are closely looked into by the unswerving food safety authorities, in this case FSSAI and FDA.

Keeping all these characteristics in mind, Mr Ashwin Bhadri, CEO of Equinox Labs delivered a presentation on Insights into India’s Latest Food Safety Act – FSSAI on 13th April, 2016, at the Food Safety and Supply Conference, Singapore. The 30-minute crisp presentation was made and delivered with the aim of providing cognizance on various angles of Food Safety. This embraced updates on new food safety laws in India, how to go about auditing your existing safety programs to identify necessary changes, best practices in food sampling, testing and monitoring and developing a strong and comprehensive management system.


Attended by many notable speakers and professionals, the conference aimed at an international emancipation in safety efforts and collective endeavours for achieving complete food hygiene and supply for all. The white collared adepts, who have made a significant  mark in the food industry and hospitality, came together for the consortium.

This event was marked by an exchange of ideas and solutions. This conference was successful in spreading the message far and wide – Safe food is the right of every person alive and that the onus is on us to make sure this dream becomes a reality.


Equinox Labs constantly strives and hopes that Food Safety Management and Compliance takes priority -that would lead to new trends in the food industry of the country. The world is sure of positive change resulting into palpable reality.

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