Explore 3 FSSAI Drafts which will ensure Food Safety & Hygiene.

The FSSAI Drafts for the month end has brought in few noteworthy drafts which are believed to be implemented soon. The drafts are assumed to change the nature of food safety and hygiene of the food industry in the coming future.

Let us have a quick look at the FSSAI News for the month-end

FSSAI DRAFT 1. FSSAI issues a new draft on cereals, spices, and condiments

FSSAI has proposed a new draft on various standards to be implied for cereal and cereal products, spices, condiments, and related products and fruit and vegetable products for ensuring more development on food safety and quality.
The draft specifies the standards of Basmati Rice, Chia seeds , Gari (Cassava product), Edible Cassava Flour, Roasted Bengal Gram Flour- Channa Sattu, Ragi Flour, Almond Kernels, Coconut Milk Powder (Non Dairy), Mixed Masala Powder, Spice Oleoresins, Tejpat, Star Anise and Phytostanolin addition to existing standards of cereals and cereal products, spices, condiments and related products and Fruit and vegetable products.

FSSAI DRAFT 2. FSSAI includes beans, cauliflower & spinach in frozen veg regulations

With the growing demand for frozen food in the market with increasing disposable income, FSSAI has issued a draft notice regarding frozen food.
FSSAI now proposes to include beans, peas, cauliflower and spinach in its regulations for frozen vegetables. With this inclusion, all the new standards will be added under the clause of frozen vegetables of the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011.

As per FNB News, the following standards should be followed by the FBOs and have to necessarily comply with it.

Frozen beans
As per the defined standards, frozen beans shall be prepared from fresh, clean, sound, succulent pods of the plants of the species Phaseolus vulgaris L or Phaseolus coccineus L. Beans may contain sugars (sucrose, invert sugar, dextrose, fructose, glucose syrup, and dried glucose syrup), salt, spices, and herbs.

Frozen cauliflower
Frozen cauliflower shall be prepared from fresh, clean, sound heads of the cauliflower plant of the species Brassica oleracea L var botrytis L. Being uniform white to dark cream color, which may be slightly dull, they will have a tinge of green, yellow or pink over the flower surface.

Both frozen beans and frozen cauliflower of different styles will accordingly be labeled whole, cut, shortcut, sliced or other and whole, split, florets or other (any style that is sufficiently distinctive from the other styles laid down in these standards).

Frozen peas
Frozen peas shall be prepared from fresh, clean, sound, whole, immature seeds of the peas plant of the species Pisum sativum L containing sugars (sucrose, invert sugar, dextrose, fructose, glucose syrup, dried glucose syrup), salt, spices, and herbs.

With a uniform green color according to the type, it shall be free from any foreign taste or smell and shall have a normal flavor, taking into consideration any ingredients added.

Frozen spinach
Frozen spinach shall be prepared from sound edible parts of the spinach plant of the species Spinuciu oleruceu L. Frozen spinach shall be stored at -18°C or below. The product shall be of a reasonably uniform green color. Labeled as per styles such as whole, leaf spinach, cut leaf spinach, chopped and pureed spinach.

FSSAI DRAFT 3. FSSAI gives an ultimatum to the restaurants for putting up food safety display board in premises   

FSSAI had issued an order regarding the display of food safety boards by the restaurants earlier this year. But, however, it has been observed that even after six months of issuing the said regulations, not all the owners were complying to the standards.
Considering this, the country’s apex food regulator sent a warning letter to the restaurants to adhere to the amended regulations for Food Safety Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses), 2018. If the FBOs fail to comply with the same, they might lose their licenses post-October 15, 2018 according to the order.

That’s all for today folks. Stay updated with the current news on FSSAI.

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