Equinox Labs to conduct Seminar-Impact of FSSAI on Corporates & FBO’s

Equinox Labs, a leading FSSAI consulting company, will be conducting a seminar on Impact of FSSAI on Corporates and FBOs on March 18, 2016.

Equinox labs

The seminar will be conducted by Chhaya Verma, assistant manager, compliance and food safety, Equinox Labs, giving clarity on the numerous laws under FSSAI and how to adhere to them. It will familiarise the attendees with the audit process, benefits of FSSAI to the Indian food industry and will prepare them to confidently face an FSSAI / FDA audit and the penalties if the mentioned standards are not followed by FBOs and corporates on topics like benefit of manufacturers, importers and exporters.

Equinox CEO says

Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs, says, “FSSAI, established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, is responsible for protecting and stimulating public health by the regulation and administration of food safety. Food safety is incomplete without adhering to FSSAI. I believe this seminar will enable one to know the impact of FSSAI on corporates and FBOs.”

Equinox training center

According to a press release issued by the company, Equinox Training Center is India’s largest platform for food safety & FSSAI courses, trainings, certifications, seminars and webinars. A series of free webinars have been conducted earlier like FSSAI License Modification: Helps In Business Expansion; Food Labelling Requirements in Compliance with FSSA; Two Sides of Coin – Modification & Renewal.

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