FSSAI’s Eat Right Campus Ensuring Increased Productivity to Campuses Across India

It is a well known fact that health and nutrition directly affect a person’s functioning and productivity. With modern-day people consuming at least one meal of the day (which is not cooked at their homes) within their office premises, the risk of consuming contaminated food increases.
In order to control this situation, FSSAI, under the Eat Right India movement has launched the program of ‘Eat Right Campus’.
Eat Right Campus’ by FSSAI is a nationwide initiative aiming to establish an ecosystem of safe food and healthy eating throughout Indian campuses. The scheme encourages campuses across India with a five-star rating certificate based on whether or not the premises follow food safety standards as per a pre-established food safety and hygiene checklist.

The only eligibility criteria required to apply for the certification process is to have an FSSAI license. To have which the establishment should have defined premises and food handling or serving activities controlled directly/indirectly by the organisation.
Why Become an Eat Right Campus?
The whole process ensures that a mutual ecosystem of healthy and hygienic eating habits is installed in the campus simultaneously making sure all the people who regularly interact & work within the premises are are living a healthy life free of unnecessary health issues. Moreover, once your Campus passes the final audit and receives an Eat Right Score it will be certified directly by FSSAI. The certification will not only add credit to your organisation but also make sure your campus stands out in its field of work.
The Application Process
The application process for becoming a certified Eat Right Campus by FSSAI can be simplified into 5 steps which include
Registering with FSSAI
Pre Audit (Gap Assessment Audit)
FoSTaC Training
Final Audit
Issuing of Certificate
The final food safety audit decides the organisation’s score. The Audit is conducted based on the checklist of five FSSAI food safety parameters and is conducted by a third party FSSAI-certified partner testing labs like Equinox. The Eat Right Certification with a star rating based on your Eat Right Score is issued after the analysis of this report.

Once you are issued the Eat Right Campus Certificate, you can proudly show it off. Hope the above information was helpful and that you are all set to become a part of the Eat Right Movement.

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