Do you follow the Corporate Basic Food Hygiene at your premises?

Every Corporate Company has to follow a Basic Food Hygiene Regimen that stands to be a necessity in today’s time. Employees spend maximum time at the office premises and have a¬†huge probability of getting affected by the minutest contamination by food, water, and air.

Basic food hygieneIt is essential that the Facility Managers look after the maintenance of several important factors and spread knowledge about the same to the staff. Food Safety and Hygiene is the primary concern in a Corporate Company as the employees rely on the company cafeterias.

The Facility Managers need to take care of the Basic Food Hygiene in the following ways

  1. Potable water should be used for food processing and cooking. The water used should be purified or boiled. Get the water purifier cleaned every month and tap of the dispenser every week. Water Testing should be done twice a year at least.
  2. An authorized vendor should be appointed for cooking preparations. Checking for physical and biological hazards in the food prepared. Also, implementing intact packaging.
  3. Use of clean working surfaces and utensils. Separate knives and chopping board should be used for different foods. Utensils should be thoroughly washed before use to prevent bacterias.
  4. To avoid cross-contamination keep raw and cooked foods separate. Keep the food always covered. Avoid using the same utensils and chopping boards for veg and non-veg food
  5. The Cleaning of all drainage holes, exhaust systems, and the surrounding area is crucial for avoiding any food-borne diseases in the organization
  6. Use of Chemicals that are approved sanitizers are chlorine, iodine, quaternary ammonium compounds or any other food grade sanitizer
  7. Washing of hands by all the food handlers before food processing activities should be practiced strictly
  8. All the employees and food handling staff should maintain a good personal hygiene level on a daily basis
  9. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and spitting should be strictly prohibited in the kitchen establishment by the food handlers
  10. Adequate, readily accessible toilet facilities along with hand washing and drying facilities. It must be away from food areas
  11. Waste bins should be placed at the premises. It should be emptied and washed frequently. Pests and insects should not hover around the waste bins.

These are 11 factors that a Corporate Company should consider practicing for the maintenance of Basic Food Hygiene at the premises. These practices will not only lead to higher employee productivity but will also lead to employee satisfaction. The probability of an outbreak of any disease would be lowered down with these above practices.

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