Deteriorating Water Quality to Affect Millions in Future,STARTING NOW.

It’s been decades since the issue of changing (read, deteriorating) water quality has been raised all over the world. Considerable remedial procedures have been implemented since time by imminent and developed countries, yet the issue remains unresolved for developing and under-developed nations. Many issues overlap the water purification process and one cannot be controlled without managing the other.

Deteriorating Water Quality-Equinox

One such example would be Ganga Action Plan:

The Ganga Action Plan(GAP) was launched in January 1985 by the then Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi to improve the water quality of the river by waste management. But the efforts were futile even after spending a massive amount of Rs 9,017 million. Therefore, this plan was withdrawn on 31 March 2000. Recently, Namami Ganga was put forth in July 2014 budget by Mr Narendra Modi with the same idea in place.

Many proposals and laws are implied by the government; many of them could not fill the others while few of them are struggling to keep their head above water level. The Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act by Ministry of Environment and Forests  in 1974 states the prevention and control of water pollution and the maintenance/restoration of  the standard of water and facilitates the establishment of a board,  controlling the powers and functions of all activities and interventions in the same domain.  Likewise, many laws are passed keeping the water and indirectly the environment pure.

The core reasons and the intricate details of how and why water gets polluted are endless. From use of excessive amounts of pesticide, to industrial let off; from global warming affecting water bodies to oil spillage in seas, the reasons too many to count. What remains is how this water can be used for drinking and household purposes.

Let’s see what can be done:

1. Prevention of water pollution-

Prevention of water pollution is the first and foremost step needed. Wastage of water can be prevented as and when possible. Lot can be done on an industrial level. Treating the wash liquor or other kinds of contaminated water before it is allowed to enter the water bodies is the most basic step, now emphasized by all government and non-government organisations.

2. Cure is imperative-

Treatment plants improve Water quality- Equinox

Testing the water sample would be the first logical step to begin with once pollution is evident. Once the water quality and quantity of particulate in it is known, a plan needs to be worked out for purification. Many government authorities have started the noble work of conversion of industrial water into potable water. The project ‘Development of cost effective mine water reclamation technology for providing drinking water’ by the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR) is extending its domain by converting the mine water into potable or drinking water in 25 mines of various subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd. Quoting CIMFR director Pradeep Singh from Dhanbad. “This project is being personally monitored by the Prime Minister. Since the technology has not been patented yet I will not be able to share the process.”

[testimonials design=”classic” backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=”#007cc3″ random=”” class=”” id=””] [testimonial name=”” avatar=”male” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]”This project is being personally monitored by the Prime Minister. Since the technology has not been patented yet I will not be able to share the process.”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]

3. Non-potable water-

It is a bridge between prevention and cure of declining water quality. The sources rainwater, recycled water and grey water (household used water with an exception of lavatory waste water).  Though non-potable water is not fit for human ingestion, its use in multitude of other applications cannot be underestimated, which includes laundry, toilet and urinal flushing.  Many construction projects are utilizing this idea for a green and sustainable use of water.

Good Water quality supports life- Equinox

Many international projects are working on conversion of polluted water into potable and pure water sensing its diminishing amount left on earth. The world needs to work prudently and save our savior, before the water quality changes for the worst.

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