Corporate, How frequently do you initiate Maintenance of Equipment??

Corporates, how often have you heard the importance of a Company checkup? Needless to say, with the growing amount of work hours (Mumbaikars are known to work for almost 3,314 hours yearly), it is a necessity to check the maintenance of equipment that is used in the companies.
In the today’s article, the subject matter is going to revolve around the importance of maintenance of equipment, the consequences, checklist and preventive measures.

The equipment that is used in the company are innumerable and they can be classified into two categories namely Work and Food.

The following maintenance of equipment should be carried off on a timely basis to attain work efficiency by the employees.

1. Auditing the kitchen premises to observe the cleanliness and life of the pieces of equipment used. Refrigerators, storage units, Room temperature and such equipment should be routinely tested to avoid damaging the food products.

2. HVAC technology which provides environmental comfort and acceptable indoor air quality should be thoroughly checked for its given reasons

3. The sewage and sanitary issues should be cleared and the equipment maintained and checked on time as a major outbreak of foodborne disease can be expected.

4. The kitchens of the corporate cafeterias should be well-equipped. The equipment used such as beverage machines, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, etc. should be analysed and checked. The exhaust fans and the ceilings should be clean and repaired if found to be deceptive

5. The fire extinguishers on each floor of the company should be regularly checked if they function well and are operative

6. The diesel generators used in the Corporate companies tend to break down often causing obstructions in the work. Hence, to continue the ongoing work, the corporate should check the DG regularly

7.  Ergonomics play a vital role in the productivity of the company. To see whether the chairs and computer systems are placed in the best possible manner at the convenience of employees is important. If any repairs to the office furnitures are required, it should be done as soon as possible

maintenance of equipment.The Maintenance of Equipment Checklist will help you achieve your goal.

Equipment should only be inspected, tested and maintained by qualified trained personnel.

Continued safe operation of your equipment depends on regular maintenance and testing of its operating and protective controls.

If the Facility Manager feels that the equipment are not in a proper condition, repairs to the same should be implemented. Maintain records of repairs or changes so that a complete record will be available for review at any time.

Equipment procedures and maintenance guidelines should be kept in a central location for quick reference when needed.

Read and follow all manufacturers’ guidelines and instructions for periodic service, maintenance, and inspection of equipment and systems.

The company should have an emergency shutdown procedure for critical equipment. Educate key employees on how to implement these procedures.

However, the checklist is incomplete if proper maintenance procedures are not followed.

Lubrication procedure– The lubrication procedures should describe not only how and when to lubricate but should specify the type and amount of lubricant.

Procedures for temporary repairs-One must establish a procedure for temporary repairs, which use many different materials. These include the tape of various types, string, wire, twist-ties, and cardboard.

Spare parts inventory program– A Company needs to maintain a spare parts inventory to keep the plant running smoothly. However, it is impossible to keep a backup for every single unit in a plant

Training procedures- To ensure everything is done properly, everyone involved in the program needs to be trained on procedures. Training should be based on established protocols and fully documented.

Audit procedures-Finally, the company needs to establish internal audit protocols to verify that each of the procedures is being done properly and is documented.

Thus, a well-organized maintenance of equipment in the company is essential for food safety and quality. It is known to be as one of the prerequisites which would save on cost in different ways. Well-maintained equipment shall last longer and perform better.

FSSAI, with Equinox Labs as a contributor, has launched The Orange Book – a guideline document under the ‘Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace’ Initiative. Following the Orange Book can help you comply with FSSAI, while ensuring your employees remain healthy and your corporate does not suffer damages.

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