Can you guess the latest FSSAI Updates for the week?

FSSAI is known for understanding the requirements of the FBOs and consumers as it always comes up with drafts that are highly productive. Likewise, even this week FSSAI has initiated a plan that is going to blow the minds of FBOs and the consumers.

Let us go through the FSSAI News for the week

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI to grant the food license within an hour of submission of application


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Here is the greatest news on the FSSAI license for the week. FSSAI is planning to give licenses to the FBOs within one hour of submission of application. FSSAI has initiated this action on the grounds to push the ease of facilitating food business projects. This will be the fastest process as the current time required for generating the license is 15 days along with documentation. Since the only factor of license approval is proper documentation which is not time-consuming, FSSAI has initiated this plan.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI prohibit used plastic and recycled materials for packaging food products

plastic packagingAll-inclusive standards which will be out soon, are all set to prohibit used plastic of any type as well as recycled material for the purpose of packaging food. FSSAI will be incorporating the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) norms in the new standards. The draft will be implemented after the gazette notification. The regulations will also prescribe the migration limits of various contaminants during packaging. There shall be a strict call for using ‘virgin plastic’ for any kind of food packaging and reused plastic shall be banned for any use for food packaging. FSSAI will issue standards for other materials like glass, paper and cardboard, metal and metal alloys.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI shall implement stringent inspections at FBOs across all the states

In order to ensure compliance of all the FBOs with the FSS Regulations, 2011, FSSAI will be soon starting rigorous large-scale inspections at the same. This initiative is projected in order to ensure safety and quality of food products to the consumers. The quality surveys of food products will be done in accordance with the milk survey carried out earlier this year.FSSAI is focusing on leveraging technology to fill the gap of human resource and therefore efforts have been made on making an alliance of scientific, research, academic institutions to carry out its mandate.

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