Benefits of Chilling and Freezing of Foods

Chilling and Freezing of Edible products-

One of the key challenges in the food industry is the effective control or – even better – elimination of bacterial activity. And one of the most effective weapons in the fight against bacteria is chilling and freezing.

When the temperature is lowered below freezing point, the growth of microorganisms decreases rapidly. This is due not only to the lowering of the product temperature, but also to the reduction in free liquid water activity – thus depriving microorganisms of the water they need to metabolise.

Chilling a food product reduces the risk of bacterial growth. Rapidly chilling (also known as flash freezing or cryogenic freezing) a product mitigates this risk even further.

Cryogenic freezing also maintains the natural quality of food. When a product is frozen, ice crystals are formed. The smaller and more evenly distributed the crystals, the better the quality and taste of the frozen product. The only way to ensure that small crystals form uniformly throughout the food product, both inside and outside the cells, is to quick-freeze the food at cryogenic temperatures.

Chilling and Freezing of Food before Storage -Equinox Labs

The benefits of our cook-freeze system-

– Improved safety – as all bacterial growth is halted by freezing of food, our cook-freeze system is intrinsically safer than the cook-chill process.

– Less temperature sensitive – because the meals are frozen, they are much less susceptible if exposed to minor short term changes in ambient temperature.

– Ease of handling – our foil trays are easy to handle and designed to fit easily into freezers and ovens.

– Longer product shelf life – our frozen meals typically have an 18 month shelf life. This means that any unused products can be stored in the freezer until the following time they appear on the menu cycle – helping reduce wastage and costs.

– Reduced wastage – flexible portion control means you can serve exactly the number of meals you need at any given mealtime.

– Consistent quality – thanks to our rigorous Quality Assurance standards, you and your patients can be confident of consistently high quality, nutritious meals.

– Use of fresh fruit and vegetables – as most of our fruit and vegetables are frozen within 2 hours of being picked, they often contain high levels of vitamin A and C then so called ‘fresh’ produce that has been stored for several days.

The maintenance of quality of chilled and freeze products comes down entirely on the food storage tactics utilized after the procedures. Hence, it is imperative for one to realise Good Storage Practises and comply with the rules for Safety and boundless awareness of the same.

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