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With the never-ending food issues and the misconceptions around food processing activities, FSSAI decided to implement actions on the same and mentor the Corporate World. Since Corporate has lack of knowledge and can lag behind, FSSAI has come up with the Orange Book.

Orange book serves as a guide for general practices recommended for ensuring safe and nutritious food at the workplace. Orange book is invented to join hands with the initiative of Safe and Nutritious Food at workplace campaign to help people eat right at work.

orange bookThe Orange Book is organized into three parts. The first part is meant for HR/Administration. In order to maintain a sustainable environment, it has included specific measures the team can take towards it.

The second part is for the canteen or cafeteria establishment. It includes best practices and guidelines recommended for cafeteria personnel to ensure that the food served in the workplace, whether prepared in-house or catered from outside, is safe and wholesome.

The third part of the book is for employees. It mentions the various dos and dont’s, useful tips and suggestions to empower employees to eat and stay healthy at the workplace by making informed choices about the food they consume.

Why Orange Book?

1. To ensure safe and nutritious food which will eventually improve the health, well-being and consequently the productivity of employees

2. Investing in the health of employees significantly reduces the financial burden of the workplace in terms of costs of health care, absenteeism, and low productivity as a result of illness and poor health.

3. It is sustainable because investing in human resources will definitely attract the current and potential employees, thus improving the profile and prestige of the company.

What are the two main people which have to be mandatorily appointed according to the orange book?

A- FSS Officer
B- HWC Officer
A Food Safety Supervisor should be appointed by the administration. The FSS is in charge of implementing general requirements on hygiene and sanitary practices in the workplace, canteen, kitchen and pantry area.

HWC is recommended for each workplace to engage and educate employees about safe and nutritious food. In case HWC is not appointed, one of the employees may be selected as the HWC.

The roles and responsibilities of the FSS & HWC are clearly mentioned in the orange book in detail citing the roles of both the officers.

Regulatory & Compliance Requirements For Canteen Establishment
This includes the following points

1. Layout & Design of food establishment premises
The design of the food service area should be well planned and it should prevent cross-contamination at any stages. The flow of food should be in the forward direction as shown in the figure.

2. Equipment, work surfaces & Containers

The containers used for the food preparation should be preferably stainless steel, ISI mark, and should be easy for maintenance and cleaning.

3. Facilities

The food service area should have proper ventilation and lighting systems, personnel facilities and change rooms for food handlers, storage tanks and drinking water storage.

4. Material Handling

The record of materials in proper quantities should be maintained and updated with the proper inspection. The purchases of raw material should be from FSSAI vendors.

5. Food Preparation Process

The food process right from cleaning, washing, pre-preparation, and thawing, every activity should be undertaken step by step. The alignment of the activity should not be broken or disturbed.

6. Cross contamination, Processing & Post Processing

The various measures are mentioned in the book to avoid cross-contamination of the food. The post-processing activities like cooking, reheating of food, chilling and handling high-risk food and deep-fat frying food should be implemented accordingly.

The third part of the Orange book involves the Food Safety Tips which can be implemented at the premises. The tips involved are:

The book covers the following safety tips:

1. Dos and Dont’s of Healthy Eating

2. The Food Pyramid

3. Healthy Lunch Suggestions

4. Healthy Snacking tips

5. Dos and Dont’s of eating out

6. Precautions to be taken for allergies

7. Decoding of labels

8. Physical fitness

9. Managing stress at work

Orange Book cannot be neglected as it mentors the Corporates and increases the productivity, enhances the health of the employees and the goodwill of the company.

Thus, it is necessary for every Corporate Company to get a copy of the orange book and implement the fundamentals mentioned in it. Get your copy here.

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