A Must-Read for Corporate Companies to Ensure Safe Water Supply

Can you guess the number of employees who carry water bottles to the workplace? Quite some of them. How many of them refill at the premises? Almost all. That’s the reason why corporates have to be extra cautious about the water supply in the offices.

Imagine the water purity level offices have to maintain when thousands of employees are relying on them for water supply at the premises.

As we know, water is stored and obtained in various ways in the offices. Bottled water, water purifiers, cans, tap water, etc. are the different methods of water supply storages in the offices. However, deciding on which of these storages would prove to be safest for the water supply to the employees is a tough task and an important one.

While implementing one of these water supply methods, a detailed comparison as to which is effective and the best option for employees will have to be considered.

Avoid bottled water supply

Sealed bottled water supply-

Bottled water is marketed as the very essence of purity. However, the facts should not be denied. Bottled water contains plastic polypropylene and nylon used to make plastic bottle caps and microplastics.
In this situation, the clients and employee health are at risk, along with the company’s brand reputation as well. It is observed that many companies without any authorization have been selling plastic bottled water. So a check on the bottled water is a must.

Machine-Filtered water supply

While machine-filtered water is considered the safest, it also carries certain issues. The micro-organisms that can enter through the nozzle of the filters while filling the bottle can be dangerous. This is the most common practice followed by the employees as the nozzle is seldom cleaned. This leads to infection and consequent diseases.

packaged drinking water supplyCanned water supply 

The practice of storing the water in cans can lead to various water-borne diseases. The water in cans has a comparatively lower shelf life. The organisms grow inside the cans if the water is not consumed after many days.

Tap water supply

Tap water is the water that is directly supplied from the main source so the probability of impurities is high. The nozzles of the taps are kept unclean where many microbes can grow. Also, with minimum or no treatment, the water can be contaminated.

Potable water used in the kitchen –

It is important to check the water used in the corporate kitchens is potable water. The negligence of food vendors using impure water can lead to foodborne diseases.

The following are the solutions corporates need to follow for pure water supply –

1. Make sure the nozzle of the taps are cleaned regularly to ensure cleanliness and safe water supply

2. Timely maintenance of filters by the concerned authorities so that the impurities are comparatively reduced

3. Canned water to be consumed by the employees at the earliest so that the water is also not wasted and remains safe for drinking

4. Check the package of the bottled water for the License No. and/or the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) No


Training employees-
Corporates should deploy water safety training to all the employees so that they are well aware of its harmful effects and will practice better water handling.

Tests and Audits of water supply from each source
Regular checkups of all the sources through which water is supplied should be done on a safer side. These tests will notify the sources which are contaminated and need improvement.
Water can be tested for Chemical and Biological contamination – a total of 18 parameters, depending on the use of water.

Documentation– The corporate companies should implement FSMS plan in order to keep the company safety maintenance on time. Quarterly. six monthly and annual plans should also be followed for a check on water safety in the corporate. Also, the food vendors and third-party vendors should have FSSAI licenses and certification. Audits should be carried according to the FSMS plan.

HVAC system- The environment in the company should be satisfactory enough in order to prevent the diseases due to the micro-organisms in the air. Legionella is a common disorder that is caused because of the mist in the air. So, a regular check-up of the HVAC system will do wonders and avoid the issues.

Employee Health Survey– A survey in the office regarding employee health will prove to be beneficial and will lower the rate of diseases.


Benefits of implementing a proper water supply management in the Corporates are

  • Reduction in the absenteeism of the employees
  • A sense of satisfaction in the employees that the water served in the company is pure and reliable
  • The brand equity of the corporate is maintained and improved
  •  Ensures a pure water supply in the company

Water is the essence of life and the corporates cannot afford to neglect the water supply in the corporates. Corporate water check will definitely lead to the better health lifestyles of the employees who work for their companies.

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