9 things that can probably risk your Company’s Work Productivity!

Corporates, have you ever given a thought on how your employees are spending their time at work? What could be the possible barriers that seem to be a detriment to their work productivity? How much of that time are they doing the actual job?

The need to ensure and enhance employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore. It is a known fact to implement new things to keep the mundane work at bay and keep the employees motivated. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter factors that may weaken or extinguish employee motivation and reduce productivity. There are the silent killers and the obvious ones.

FoSTaC - FSSAIHowever, if you haven’t done a good research as yet, now is the right time. The first thing is identifying the factors that hamper work productivity before it emerges and gets aggravated. The existing factors should be suppressed and these killers should not be avoided. A plan to mend these actions should always be prepared.

Here, we look at the seven major factors that can affect productivity at work:

1. Noisy environment and Noisy co-workers-

A survey by a popular site observed that majority of the work productivity is affected due to the commotion at the premises. The slightest of noise can create a disturbance for eg, phone calls, talkative and loud co-workers, banging on the doors and sound of other technical glitches.

2. Multi-Tasking

The myth that an employee should have multi-tasking abilities and be equally good in all the work is incorrect. An employee should always prioritize work and apply them accordingly. One at a time and focus on that particular work should be the plan.

3. Ergonomics –

Good ergonomics at work is of utmost importance. Proper comfortable chairs should be provided to the employees. The computer systems should be at the standard distance from the seating position of the employees. The lights used on the premises should not affect the work productivity.

4. Lack of Organization 

If the plan of action and the work is not organised in a proper way, there are higher chances that the work might get affected and delayed. Proper noting down of the most important work (MITs) should be practiced by all the employees.

5. Stress –

An employee who is going through some stress and pressure both at work and home will not be able to deliver his best work forward. Stress is a crucial barrier that comes with professional life. Peace of mind is equally important to maintain.

6. Mutual Co-operation with co-workers 

A company cannot function by a single person. It requires the team efforts. Hence, mutual understanding between the co-workers is vital for smooth proceedings.

7. Bad Diet & Eating Habits 

The work productivity is at a higher risk if the employees are indulged in unhealthy eating habits at the premises. It could be the food from cafeterias or the home lunch that might affect. Health & Wellness Co-ordinator – a person who is in charge of maintaining and keeping a check on the well-being of employees should be appointed by all the Corporate Companies. FSSAI has recently launched The Orange Book – a Food safety and nutrition guidelines document for ensuring the health and safety of the employees. It caters to three sectors – Employers, Catering administration and Employees. Get your free copy her.

8. Indoor Air 

It is the responsibility of every company to check and test the indoor air quality frequently at the premises. Poor Indoor air results in Sick building Syndrome that affects the employees massively dampening the productivity.

9. Poor quality and Unhygienic Food –

The poor quality of food served at the cafeterias can create major food-borne diseases and can affect the well-being of the employees. Every Corporate Company should thus undertake regular food testing to ensure food safety and hygiene at the premises. FSSAI has mandated by law that every Food Business should undergo Food Safety Training and Certification( FoSTaC) Programme. It is also essential to have a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) at your site for every 25 Food Handlers. The Orange Book invented by the FSSAI acts as a guide to all the Corporates and addresses them of food safety and hygiene.

The above reasons are enough to understand how a Corporate Company can get affected by these silent killers of work productivity. A company to ensure maximum work satisfaction should check with the employees about the above factors and amend the issues. Only then a Company can grow manifold and create wonders.

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