8 Points to Consider if Your Corporate Deserves the Best Food Vendor!

Reading this because you think you need to hire better Food vendor in your corporate premises? Or is it because you plan on changing the current food scene in your company?

Either case,

This article will surely help you!

Let’s see how –

Allow us to divide the point of a Good Food Vendor into 2:

1. From the perception of an Employee
2. From the perception of the Employer / Management


An average employee spends roughly 67% of his / her daily time at the workplace. This means that for at least one meal, the employee is dependent on the employer. Now for practical purpose, while some get their daily meals from home, some others are dependent on either the canteens in the premises or on the local restaurants.

What if the food served at the company premises is as good and financially feasible as that made at home?

This would be time – saving, healthy, safe and a preferred option for all employees.

However, if the current food vendor does not serve safe or hygienic food, that increases the risk of employees consuming food from places which might be safety-compromised. This causes:

– Food-Borne illnesses
– Increase in the number of leaves
– Health Hazards
– Rise in medical expenses

.. and more.

Employers / Management

Once the employees start taking multiple leaves due to sickness, it starts taking a toll on the projects. Delay in the projects costs the finances of the company, eventually affecting the annual turnover and revenue.

In short,

– Loss of finances
– Incomplete projects
– Depreciation of Brand Value
– Fall of company stocks

The solutions?

Now, what can be the one possible solution to this situation?

A Trained, Certified Food Vendor complying with FSSAI Food Safety Standards.

No, you haven’t aimed for the stars and it is perfectly possible to get one.

You only have to follow these few steps to get that perfect Food Vendor for your Company. Here’s how –

Vendor Authorisation

Selection of that perfect vendor on the basis of cost, menu, hygiene and FSSAI compliance.

Vendor Administration

Bringing both the parties – the Food Vendors and the Company – on the same page in terms of understanding the work policies, finances, hygiene standards, FSSAI Compliance and similar requirements.

Vendor Scorecards

Asserts the hygiene standards of Food Vendors on a regular basis with respect to the audits and hygiene inspections of food handlers.

Vendor Supply Management

Assessing the quality of the raw and semi-processed food products, as well as their suppliers to be certain of the purity and safety of food consumed.

Contract Audits

Conduct regular audits and inspections of the kitchens, food preparation and handling areas and also of the food handlers.

Vendor Compliance Penalties

Identify the non-conformities and improvise the operational process to ensure no NCs prevail or emerge in the next audit.

Vendor Trainings

Conduct Food Safety Trainings like Food Safety Training and Certification [FoSTaC] program, offline and online trainings on auditing, compliance, Good Hygiene and Manufacturing Practices, etc

Increase Employee Safety

Food Recall, Food Safety Management Plan, Food Safety Display Boards, etc. are some of the ways you can ensure food safety in the office premises.

Is that easy to work with? Get in touch with us if you want more information on what every step means, or how you can implement them at your workplace.

After all, good food and a healthy life are what we eventually work towards [most of us, at least!]

Connect with us on +91 82916 31145 or email us on corporate@equinoxlab.com if you value your company brand and your employee health for the best Food Vendor for your workplace.

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