8 Food Storage Tactics for Restaurants to minimize Food waste

Household food storage methods help prevent wastage on a large scale; however, the food you find at homes is generally in small quantities and used fast. The food storage facilities in restaurants and food businesses is largely different and many parameters need to be considered for large scale of population might depend upon them.

Let’s get you started on the mandatory storage tips every food business and hotel must take into notice:

1. Manage the inventory of degradable products to lower waste due to spoilage or dehydration.

Manage the amount of inventory -Equinox Labs

Find out how much of unused veges and foul dairy products is thrown out. This might be either because the storage facility is overflowing with inventory, the stock isn’t rotated properly or both. Maybe it’s time the quantity or frequency of the orders need to be given a second thought?

2. Plan out with charts and tables to reduce over-preparation and unnecessary waste.

Prepare Chart and Table to Reduce Food Storage and Food Wastage - Equinox Labs

An easier way of Good Storage Practices is to note down the dates of rotation and the amount utilized per day or on weekly basis. This helps to cut down on the overall inventory amount and prevent food loss

3. Prepare in less amount to prevent loss due to over-prep.

Recheck the Amount Prepared - Equinox Labs

Plan according to the orders received. It is illogical to prepare in excess amount just to save a few minutes. If prepared in excess quantities, make efficient storage facilities which can prolong the shelf life of food. Make sure to not store food more than 10 hours after cooking, hence the precaution.

4. While preparation, trim only that which is not required.

Only unnecessary trimming should be done-Equinox Labs

Over-trimming usually occurs while preparing bulk meats and whole vegetables. The garbage holds the key and signs whether excess amount is going down the drain (literally!). Add the cuttings to a container and make sure if anything can be utilized from the assumed garbage. Train your staff accordingly on the stuff to be thrown out and the sizes of the portions to be cut and how!

5. The trimmings can be used for soup stock

Utilize Trimmings As Soup Stock-Equinox Labs

The best way to reuse the the trimmed part of vegetables is using them in soups as stocks. It is the best way of extracting all the nutrients left behind and help lower the garbage amount.

6. Keep a close eye on the amount you offer as per serving.

Limit the amount per serving -Equinox Labs

It might be one of the smallest aspect, yet imperative to check the amount the your chefs serve the people. Watch how much the customers consume and accordingly adjust your proportion. Do not miss the prices on the menu as per the size offered. We surely do not want angry and hungry customers together.

7. Before the cooler, pre-cool the hot food off the table

Food Temperature-Equinox Labs

Cool the hot food to room temperature rather than directly placing the steaming food into the cooler. This keeps the texture and taste intact, increasing the shelf life of the product.

On a same note, use clean utensils while cooling and storing. Food at room temperature are most susceptible to bacterial attack.

8. All the dairy products, sauces and cream based items used earlier should be re-utilized withing 48 hours if stored at appropriate temperatures.

Use Specific Foods Within 48 Hours -Equinox Labs

Do not think twice if the food is good or not, you might have to simply throw away the sauces which will be synonymous to food wastage. This rule applies to meat, poultry, sea-food and eggs.

Why 8..Let’s go to 9!

9. All the food together feels good in stomach, not while storing!

Do Not store Food Together -Equinox Labs

Store all leftover foods in foils and containers separately. Do not think twice before utilizing those extra containers and papers. Your restaurant credibility depends on it. Period.

Food Storage often ends up being the neglected or taken-for-granted aspect when food safety is talked of. Certain hotels with excellent ambiance have lacked good storage techniques and ultimately have been caught up in legal soups. Close monitoring of Food Safety Authorities has made it compulsory to take closer look at the kitchen and storage areas.

Since the quality, credibility and ultimately profits for the hotels depends on the kind of food they serve, Equinox Labs has taken the initiative by using Food Storage as our week 2 theme to shed light on good storage practices.

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